Tuesday, August 29, 2017


In a recent turn of events, a leading spiritual teacher who has had a massive global following decided to move on or should I say take a different path and even denounce some of her teachings which has led to many mixed responses from the spiritual community at large.

Some questioned her previous work and have been in a spiritual crisis themselves over it. Others have chosen to respect her wishes. Why do people have the tendency to criticize others when they choose to move on?

There are two reasons which apply here:

1. The tendency for the students to cling onto the messenger and not just the message.

Although she has moved onto a different path other than what she was on for decades, her past teaching would still have transformed lives in some way. Nothing ever occurs without a purpose. she is not obliged to remain a certain way so as to be approved by those who follow her. Teachers evolve as well. At a different pace and level but they too have every right to evolve. I would not justify her actions of denouncing her previous teaching especially if people have adapted to them for a long time, in which case she certainly owns an apology. However, we are not here to judge anyone unless we have walked her path to where she is today.

Transformations occur to all of us and for whatever reason this change was made - it was for her own evolution. The direction does not matter but the outcome does. Those who have embraced her past teaching should learn how to move on without the same teacher. This whole world is full of teachers and we are all here to teach and learn as well. The 'Guru' concept at some point or the other becomes a burden for both the teacher and student. Hence, rely on the effect a teaching has on you and not the teacher.

2. The Guru also becomes a Disciple

At some point or the other, even the more evolved souls would wish to move further up the spiritual path to progress. The need to judge someone no matter which level they are in, is to judge one's own expectations of how everyone should be. There are no rules as to how or when one should stop learning or fit into the society's expectation. Again, I do not justify all of this teacher's actions but acceptance with humility is what most of us have to begin to learn.

Religions are systems which have been created in the past to control the population in various regions and continents. They still continue to influence people in numerous ways and are one of the biggest challenges most of us learn how to deal with. Yet, some tend to fall into the boxes laid out by these systems for their own gain. Some fail to understand that one does not have to be religious to follow the teaching of the Acsended Masters. To follow the message is always a wiser choice. The messengers will only always point to the same message regardless of what their earthly teaching has transformed into.

Those of you who have purchased the numerous products this spiritual teacher has created over the decades may feel that none of that seem meaningful now but I would say its not the messenger but the message or work that matters.

Just because an artist no longer paints landscapes does not mean the paintings lose their beauty. Spirituality is an energy transformer and can affect people in a variety of ways. This whole dimension is filled with all kinds of teachers and stimulation to help us grow. Let not the evolution of one famous teacher distract the path of many.

Personally, I have always told my students and followers to never rely on me but to simply take my messages and mission and use it all for their own growth. I cannot be here forever and at some point all there will be left of me is my teaching.

I love each one of you deeply and will always pray,heal and bless you but my soul's journey would definitely require that I too move on (but not denounce my work) to a higher realm someday. The love will continue to exist through my work.

You are a teacher as well...no matter who you are and it may seem unfair if people expect you to remain the way you are simply because others constantly need you around. This is probably how this spiritual teacher felt when she moved on. Let's accept the change in grace,be grateful for what she has served and bless her on her journey ahead with love and light.