Tuesday, July 18, 2017



Looking at our beautiful Earth now, it does not take much to realize that it has been not just been geographical division that sets populations apart. There is far more mental separation such as social status,race and religion that affect this world than mere immigration restrictions.

Religion remains one of the major causes of conflicts worldwide. It is heartbreaking to see that none of this truly makes sense and yet it affects thousands of lives each day in many ways. Widespread ignorance and those in power who feed into this to control the masses. Sadly nothing has changed since the birth of religion. Even though we have evolved in many ways as a dimension, in this regard we still have so much to learn.

So many Gods and Goddesses have emerged worldwide over time that in some parts of the world it has transformed into a source used for exploiting the vulnerable and lost. The search for the truth has led many further away from it than any closer. Conflicts within families,neighbors and other nations have grown over these differences.

For those who awaken spiritually, the concept of religion tends to fade into the background when one becomes aware that these religious entities are recognized as Ascended Masters rather than Gods. So who is God? Is there a God? Why are they referred to as Ascended Masters?

Well if you were to read my first article on this topic, I have explained the concept of an Ascended Master as a messenger. No Ascended Master wishes to be addressed as God. That was not the purpose although out of love and compassion they have gratefully and humbly accepted the devotion and adoration that their followers show over ages. Between Ascended Masters there is no separation. They are united in purpose and their missions have always been a collaborated effort into raising a greater awareness in this dimension.

So why did there have to be so many of them? The answer is far simpler than we think. Back then,they did not have the internet nor much access to the entire world and traveling was not as convenient as it is today. Now we have internet Spiritual Gurus and they have access to a global audience which the Ascended Masters did not have.

Hence, they had to split up and teach in several parts of the world and their teachings spread over time. It was not their intention to transform and divide people into believers of a particular Ascended Master.

All the religions have only one message. Love. Yet, this message has been twisted at the convenience of those who wanted to control people. This was often done by inflicting a certain fear in people so that they will obey the rules of the religious system. Scriptures were created with intentions of blending the teachings of Ascended Masters with these rules they generated in order to make it more suitable for the purpose intended by those in power.

There is no need to fear God or any Ascended Master. The truth is within each one of us and we only have been time and again reminded by these masters to look for it without prejudice,fear,doubt and ego.

If one was to break up these scriptures, the core of every religion remains the same. Ascended Masters have only preached the same thing in different parts of the world. Mankind transformed their teachings into religious systems which have contorted the very face of spirituality which was always the base for every soul including the masters themselves.

To understand this, one has to shed the misconceptions that have grown within due tot eh conditioning of these systems and dive deeper into understanding the Ascended Masters themselves. You do not have to be a Buddhist to channel Buddha. You only need to have an open mind which contains humility and a deep desire to understand the truth behind the message.

God is the core of the One Consciousness. The God Source is a light that comprises of all of us and intertwines with the energy of the Ascended Masters.

May this message find peace in you and vice versa. God bless you.