Tuesday, October 10, 2017


As children, most of us feared being in a dark room or space. Some of us even grow up with the fear and though we may not like to admit it, we continue to fear darkness. Darkness leaves one feeling vulnerable because the mind can conjure all kinds of thoughts including that you would have seen in movies or even stories you heard. Darkness has been associated with the unknown or supernatural in some way or the other for ages. When a room is dark and quiet, your mind will initiate a sense of vulnerability that involves the mental conditioning depicting darkness and evil. You hence fear darkness because you feel that it somehow opens up some portal that allows the dark forces to enter your environment. That is far from the truth.

Though ghost hunting programs will have you believe that spirits only need to be in graveyards and haunted mansions, they can exist just about anywhere even in broad daylight. Regardless of how you feel about it, we have co-existed with all kinds of spirits since creation.

The fear we have of the astral plane is realistic for there are all kinds of entities there but if you think about it, so do we - in this realm. We walk on the same planet as terrorists and humanitarians but seem to go on anyway. Likewise, in the spirit world, our loved ones who have passed co-exist in the same plane as all kinds of other entities ranging from Reptilians to Ascended Masters. You and I come and go from the astral plane in between incarnations and even while we sleep or meditate. Yes, we all need some form of protection from the darkness but if you would ask - should you be afraid of the dark forces; my answer would be - NO.

None of us have to fear darkness. When you understand the very concept of darkness, it gives you a better perspective of the situation and how to handle it better in order to overcome the way you feel about it.

To begin with, the Universe is balanced with both Light And Darkness. One cannot exist without the other. The process of evolution itself requires the balance of both. We as humans go through many gray areas in life and work our way through identifying the darkness in us and aim at getting closer towards the light as the realization of a spiritual awakening process occurs. Spiritual awakening gives you a better perspective of darkness but it can also be a distraction. Some awakened spiritual beings can be swayed into even thinking that it is okay to embrace darkness in some form but fail to realize that it is deception at its best.

Though it is necessary for darkness to exist for us to learn and evolve, darkness disguised as the Light can cause greater harm when embraced than when just observed from a distance. However, since there are so many lessons we learn over a course of multiple incarnations, we also are placed in situations that tempt us to embrace the darkness. Instant gratification and the temptation to receive more than your higher self intends to at any point of an incarnation are often great opportunities for darkness to enter your presence.

Dark spirits exist. There are in fact multiple lower dimensions below ours. However,unlike what is often depicted in scriptures and mythology, hell is not a place where souls are tormented. Such realms are where the dark forces reside. They do not have the authority of taking any soul to these dimensions but they can however let you see or have a virtual experience of it to inflict fear.

The dark forces use fear as a form of exploitation because the human mind has the ability to lose its strength through it. Therefore, when a human fears something dark, the soul becomes vulnerable to an attack or possession. Why do our light forces allow such incidents to occur? Aren't we all supposed to be protected by God and angels? Yes, of course!

Not all of us are exposed to the dark forces. You have more chances of being killed by a snake than a demon. Dark forces are intelligent. They do not believe in wasting time or effort on scaring everyone. The only chances of you encountering a dark spirit is when you trespass a territory of theirs or your karmic/soul contract in an incarnation requires it for your evolution. Yet, the lessons always are the same - overcoming darkness.

Fear is a tool for them to gain access to you. How can one not fear darkness? By realizing who you are. Since creation, you were born out of the light. The great One Consciousness where Ascended Masters and Archangels come from. You possess that light within you since creation.

The only way the darkness can enter your body or attack you is if you feel vulnerable and afraid. I have been able to see all kinds of spirits since early childhood and have not been in any way hurt by any dark force though I have come across many. From reptilians walking into my office during work to being woken up in the middle of the night by a demonic entity, I have faced them all. Was I afraid? No. In fact, it brought out something else in me each time. Fury. The fury of light.

I would stare them down even as a child. The dark forces are like dogs. They can sense fear. So if you look frightened, they know it and will take control of the situation. If you show your angelic fangs, they vanish.

No dark force is strong enough to pin you down and take over your body without your consent. We are all souls of the light and on the other side, all of us are fearless because we realize our true potential and source. In fact, there is a certain level of mutual respect betwen the light and dark forces though there are spiritual warfares in progress most of the time. The dark forces only get involved when they should and this has been an ethic both sides are aware of.

Your enemy isn't darkness that is out there. It is the darkness within. The fear and insecurities that come from a lack of knowledge of your source and connection with it. The insecurities are a breeding ground for the dark forces. Awaken to the truth of your soul, You are a warrior of the light and always have been. Your destiny always will be to overcome your darkness and be reunited with the truth in this incarnation to evolve.

May this truth set you free, comrade of light. God bless you.