KAREN CALLAGHAN - Thank you Nova your dedication & kindness is appreciated L & L blessed be Xx

NONI ANGEL - Thank you for this message from my spirit guides. Whatever I ask for must be in alignment with the universal power, then I will reach contentment and peace. Thank you for a beautiful reading.

MANJU BAXI - Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, and acknowledging everything that you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle, and being aware on a continuous basis of how much you’ve been given. Thanks Nova Nova for a wonderful healing and reading session today. You are truly gifted. Love n Light heart emoticon

LORRAINE STEWART - Wow!!!!! This is so accurate thank you so much I felt really emotional reading in a good way I have had to drop people from my life to get to where I am today and I've made the right choice ...can't get better than family that's again xx

REBECCA MAY - Thank you for a wonderful reading Nova. Was so clarifying and reassuring.She was very worth it. I had a private card reading/auto writing and was very good value and helpful x

SUSAN CSWL - I had a fantastic reading from Nova, she is a very special lady xx

ANEESHA AMANTE - Every single word you said was resonating with my truth, moreover, acknowledging my current situation. Thank you for your help and kind words Nova

YVONNE DODD - Felt great after last nights healing thank you very much

MECHELLE ABALO GIRON - Thank you Nova for the wonderful reading and healing session last night. It's really helpful and it makes things more clear now than ever before. Feeling so blessed to have the opportunity. Thanks for the love . Blessed be.

KESSA NELSON - Blessings to you Nova. Beautiful light and energy. I had the most amazing reading this morning. Opened my eyes to myself and what I'm here to do in the lifetime. Because of this reading I've had a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders and I am enjoying the moment instead of feeling lost. Thank you so much for this.

MALIKA BI - Thank you for your readings Ayesha Sheeba. It helped me a lot understand what are the next steps to follow so that I can be more in peace with myself and others around me so I can let go, learn more about me and understand why I have been sent on Earth. Love you, Namaste !

SHANNON HUFFORD - Had a beautiful reading from Ayesha Sheeba, all she said resonated deeply with me.

KRISTY RUSSELL - Thank you so much for my amazing reading last night Ayesha Sheeba I am very honoured and blessed to have connected with your soul.

PREE SINGH - Dear Ayesha thank you for your guidance and advise last night ... I woke feeling different thus morning ... a good different ??much love pree.

MARCUS DAVIS - Thank you for your help Ayesha. The reading was great. Our conversation, the things you said, gave me insight into who i am. I received some confirmation on somethings i was made aware of, plus alot of new information. The reading gave me perspective, and changed my perception on my life. A positive heart filled interaction. So so inspirational. I am grateful. God bless.

LAURIE HOPKINS - Ayesha Sheeba, Nova, Bright Star, Loving Heart, Healing Soul. Thank you for sharing your gift. Thank you for my reading. It was my first reading and your energy and exchange gave a safe space for me to be open and you answered the very specific questions almost immediately in the first card. The other 2 further confirmed the message of the first. You revealed much I wasn't aware but confirmed a great deal more as it pertains to other questions about my purpose and path. I have been praying for you. That you be given continued protection, strength, and endurance. I believe in you and I am so grateful to have crossed your path in this now. Thank you again. You ARE LOVE ?? Namaste

SABRINA CHARLSON - Thank you for your reading, hearing the words and descriptions come out of your mouth reassured me of what I already know and already need to do. Thank you for your insight

MECHELLE BARKER GINDRA - Thank you so very much for the space and time spent with you for a reading last night, the guidance and enlightenment, what an awesome experience you are gifted and I am honored to have you do that for me. namaste. Thank you for all that you do

DAWNANNE CHASE - You are amazing thanks for the reading!!!

STEPHANIE SULLIVAN - Yes the private reading I booked with you was VERY affordable And VERY meaningful and the things you've told me were very accurate !!!! Yes it was 45min but you took your time and answered ALL of my questions and took your time explaining things to me! I LOVE YOU ?? And recommend you to EVERYONE! you told me things only I would know! I'm blessed to know you and I think you are so nice genuine and Real! You spend MOST/ALL of your precious time helping others! And that takes ALOT of energy to do! You ALWAYS answer almost EVERYONE questions in groups and pray for people. I've seen you do this for over 300 people! So when I had a private reading from you it was so PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL and MEANINGFUL! And so affordable! BLESS YOU AYESHA

SANDY DORLAND - I've worked with Ayesha once (so far ?? ) in a session and she spoke to several areas of my life and gave me feedback which I am still incorporating in my every day life, especially my spiritual life as I open up to new vistas and dormant skills. She really is the sweetest, kindest soul and teacher. She knows she does God's work so she does not try to capitalize on it. Her work is literally priceless. There really isn't a price she could place on it.

TIMEA ORBAN - Thank you for your beautiful and insightful reading, full of reassuring messages and advices. Thank you for your higher wisdom and for being so sweet, caring and loving.
Bless your Heart!

VIVIENNE LILY ROUGH -  I was blessed to see Nova live last night. I felt led to urgently have a personal reading session with her. I felt so much love radiating from her towards me. I felt at peace. It was amazing how accurate she was and she confirmed so many things for me. Nova is a blessing on this earth for us and if you can spend one on one time with her you will be blessed by it.
Thank you for your guidance and assistance. Everything is clearer and I feel so peaceful and content. The time spent with you has resonated through my whole day so far. Bless you. Love yo

BEVERLY WOLF -  I have been very blessed to know and speak with Ayesha, a very precious soul who helps humanity (and me!) :) My experience with her during my reading was, well, SUCH a pleasure! We smiled....and laughed...so very good for our souls! All I can say is I had such a good, warm, feeling the entire time! I have never spoken to anybody who was/is at such peace with herself. I am not only blessed, but, I, too, am honored to know her. She has inspired my soul to new heights. And, this, Ayesha, I am so very grateful for!

MIRACLE LOVE - Thank you for your intuitive messages of direction and advice for my life. You are so in tune and I am grateful to have received your help and support so quickly and for such a great price! You truly are an angel xoxo 

KELLY McBAINE - Ayesha is such a blessing and wise old soul! She is so giving of her time, energy and insight. She is such a teacher! I had a reading with her and it was very eye opening and insightful. She takes her time with you and wants to help others for the greater good from her heart. She is so connected with the divine. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with. I am so happy I have found you. You are an amazing blessing to us all.

BONNIE MATESON Beautiful surprise and unique insight. I'm still not sure I'm done yet there was much to discuss. Love you , thank you from the bottom of my heart.

MICHAELA KATE I am incredibly grateful for Ayesha’s extraordinary talents and gifts paired with her empathic and compassionate nature. I was very satisfied with my reading as it was both comforting and very informative. I would highly recommend her readings and can imagine that she delivers the same quality for those looking for healing as well. Thank you! Many blessings!! xo

KATHLEEN THOMAS It was such a pleasure talking to you. It was like talking to a sister at home. You have made things so much clearer for me. Your peace transcends all. I can go forward with peace and security. I am so enlightened now I can jump as high as I can. Blessings always.

CATHARINA HEMBERG Dearest Ayesha, you confirmed my feelings about a relationship between two very close friends on your live session a few days ago. The next day, my worry turned into joy when one of them told me that they are speaking deeply with one another for hours to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing. Much love to you!

BHAGYASHREE SAINI  Thank you so much for your reading. You were god sent for me. I was looking for an answer for so many years and I have finally got it. Now I know what was I suppose to learn all this while. I am amazed how accurate you were about so many things. I could talk to you for hours if it was possible. You just cleared by mind and now I feel at ease. Thank you for showing me the right path. Love you so much. I will keep troubling you :) Thank you once again

NEETA AS - Thank you Ayesha for the wonderful reading and enlightening me. You are so lovely and amazing. I'm impressed by the ease that you communicate the divine guidance that you receive. Felt so comfortable with you and instantly connected as if we knew each other before. It was a pleasure talking to you. Blessings be with you dear

SILVER HATHOR Thank You so much for all of the answered questions, all of them really resonated with me, although some were little bit tough to hear, but that's what I needed to hear the most. Love You and Thank You again

DIANA MULVIHILL MOORE What a beautiful soul and heart Ayesha has. My reading with her was precise, insightful and extremely helpful in understanding a situation that has perplexed me for a while. Thank you sweet Ayesha for being such a splendid light and guide!

LAURA PETO Just beyond words really. Everything Ayesha said was spot on accurate. One of the kindest, warmest souls I have ever met and I really have no reason to go to any other reader after this. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your amazing gifts. Blessings and Namaste xoxo

LINDA L.BACA GOODWILLIE -  I am so grateful to and for Ayesha for helping me in a time of crisis in my life when the whole world seemed intolerable. I reached out to Ayesha without an appointment and Ayesha with her compassion, gave me her undivided attention for that I will always be grateful. With her wisdom and gifts gave me greater insight for my pain and advise as to how to be a stronger spiritual woman. Thank you from whole heart Ayesha for all that you do and all that you are, Namaste!

SARA LEA Ayesha is truth. She is a star surfer. She is a beautiful bright white light, sent to us to enlighten and to show us the way back to our true paths. I wish I could have her by my side every day as a mentor--enriching my life and helping to guide me through life's decisions. Alas, she has so many students. I am blessed to have her in my life at all. Thank you, Ayesha, never stop showing us ourselves--never stop reminding us that these lives are just a human experience meant for growth and learning.

RENEE PEREZ - Thank you so much Ayesha for the few live readings you gave me, they were so accurate & I just love ur kindness & patience for doing these live sessions. I appreciate ur time. Thank you again & again. Love & light. 🌟🌟🌟

SHOBAN RAJ - Had a great eye opening reading , confidence booster , scientific explanations of supernatural things were way beyond words ,confirmation of things , ability to be patient with me 😌😌, totally worth the time ...goosebumps guaranteed and thank you for reminding about my powers ..

SOONITA GOURY - I have a lovely past live reading and I was imagining with it , I think everyone should have done as it change your life fir the better . Thank you so much .😘😘 

HEATHER ALLUM - Since your last healing I'm actually feeling much better physically. During the healing I felt tingling in my head over the area I had brain damage from a stroke. I feel less pain and I'm moving easier. 

ABBE CAREIRA - I had a reading for the first time today and learned things that I think have nagged at my soul for a long time. I am so grateful for her kindness and knowledge. Thank you Ayesha Sheeba! You are a true blessing!

JYOTSANA SINGH - you are a beautiful support ...amazing soul in this lost world

SCHANEL LANA HART - You are truly a blessing in my life you have help my awakening so much easier and I can talk to you about so many things that no one would understand I want to thank you so much for all you have been all you do and all your love with me and not only me but the world you are an angel from above.

CHANCHAL PANWAR SAIMEERA -  Om Sai Ram love!My pleasure forever...Glad that our path crossed by and still long way to go till eternity. Was deeply touched with your LIGHTFUL nature in our very first virtual meeting ....THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FLOWS THROUGH YOU INFINITELY...NEVER ENDING IS YOURS SUPPORT TO US ALL...Thanks for all that you serve for humanity & all that is in the most amazing ways...DIVINE SOUL i need your blessings always...stay the way you are...loads of hugs 

ZVIA BIRD - I am blessed to have "met" Ayesha through the Lightworkers of the World Group. She was 100% accurate in seeing that I would reconcile with my beloved partner, and she also supported me in prayer, love and light through a difficult wisdom tooth extraction that resulted in a lot of pain in my right ear. and the right side of my throat and jaws. The procedure was tricky requiring 3 shots and taking 1.75 hours. My socket is healing fine in my mouth although still painful and my ear is settling down so I do not have to take antibiotics. Thank you Ayesha and God for healing my body and my heart and my spirit at a difficult time just after my mum's transition, and then encountering and dealing with a mouse infestation in my home. All of this during a period when a cyclone hitting Chennai. May we all be blessed! May I continue to step toward the 5th Dimension of Love and Light. Thank you Ayesha for being one of my dear Guides on my path.

TERRY LAMBERT - I had a reading in September and I learned so much, you are a beautiful and caring soul and it comes across in the readings. I am still waiting on some of the things to happen but the way it works is in gods time not always our time. I feel much clearer about a lot of things that have gone on in my life and now know the reason behind them, great reading Namaste  

TAMMY WENNERSTROM - Love the reading I have received from Ayesha.. Such a compassionate giving person that I feel kindred spirit with Thank you so much 

MONICA CARRERA - Ayesha I feel blessed to have met you . I Thank you for the reading and guidance you provided . You are so loving and kind; I feel so much peace after speaking with you . Love and Blessings 💕💕 

TAMMY McFAUL MARSHALL - My reading was amazing! It answered so many questions that I had through out my life. You are a beautiful soul filled with love. 

JACKIE COLLINS - I had my reading almost two weeks ago, and I learned so much and received a great deal of insight about my past life, my son, and myself. I loved my reading and I feel blessed to have met and talked with you, Ayesha. Thank you for the reading, and also for the answers given to me in the live readings. She is a beautiful soul, and was accurate about so many things. If you are hesitant to book or schedule with her, stop hesitating and book! You will not regret it! Thank you again, Ayesha.  

OLUBUNMI ZAINAB BAKARE - I had a reading with Ayesha this morning. I was a bit skeptical at first but omg she was AMAZING! She really guided me and really was spot on with specific things she mentioned about all aspects of my life. Thank you so much  

KERRY GUEVARA-CLARK - Thank you Ayesha for your Love and all the light that has shined on my path♡I am blessed with this Awesome Soul Family♡Namaste precious Sistar♡ 

SUSAN CLEMENTS - Yes I fully embrace her & all of you too, she's helped me understand a lot of my own journey , lovely to meet you both Tana Brooks Kathy Hannon 🙏💖🌍💫 

VICTORIA GULLBERG - I want to thank you so much Ayesha for the live reading you had the time to do for me. I got answers that I've been wondering about for years. It gives me a clear view of my life and it also gave me relief I have not felt for a while. Thank you so much! Bless you 

KATINKA THUE - Hi dear😊. I really enjoyed your reading, especially the part about who my guides are😀. When it came to my present I feel more as if the things I allready know and feels were confirmed by you😊. Thank you so much again love. Bless you 

ELIZABETH COSMOS - The healing energies could be felt as soon as we began coordinating the scheduled time. I had requested some assistance on a life situation. Moving into the past life Ayesha clarified and brought to Light the source of a repeating pattern and thread of misalignment coming into this lifetime. With this information the emotional charge was released and immediately during the session a weight of release and ease of heart came over me. For three days I felt the energies still working with me. I feel lighter and know that this past experience is now reintegrated as wisdom. I am so very grateful for this gift and for crossing paths with Ayesha. Blessings Be 

LISA LIVORNESE - Ayesha's reading with me was very accurate, inspiring and heartfelt. She hit the nail on the head about many things and gave great guidance and is full of love and joy. Ayesha is the real deal. She is a wonderful gifted lady with a big I found her chat very comforting and insightful.Thank you 🙏🏻 

KATHY HANNON - Today, actually yesterday's live session....you were "pretty in pink" .... the healing prayer you said was the most beautiful...it touched me so deeply. I rewatched the session from beginning to end and I listened, again to the prayer...your words were so precious & filled with such love...I had to reach out & tell you how special I felt, how loved..I could feel your love for all as you spoke. Thank you from the deepest part of my being. I want for you all that you want for us...I want you to be as blessed as you want us blessed..I love you, my darling Angel!

DAWN DEES - I had the pleasure of a spiritual advancement consultation with Ayesha. I could feel her energy of love surrounding me. Her words touched me & I felt as if these were things that I knew but needed her to help me remember. I had the most peaceful sleep afterwards. I am eternally grateful!

TANA BROOKS - Ayesha,words ~ available in our human bodies, inside our human minds ~ simply are not adequate enough to express my love for you, my appreciation for you, the gratitude I feel for our paths crossing (again)....Your insight into my life (lives) is very much valued.
Again, with words not being enough, I love you, I appreciate you, I wish you nothing but the very best for you on your own journey.

CHRIS BOND - Thank you Ayesha for all your Love and Support. Your answers to my questions and Healing were so beautiful! I felt the Healing so strongly and ended up crying with all the emotions and energy being cleared. <3 <3

KRISY YAUCH LaFAVEHad an amazing reading, spot on and she gave great guidance. Would recommend Ayesha she is very compassionate and caring. She left me feeling at peace..Love and light💜💜💜 

ERICA NEELY - My Spiritual Guidance Reading with Ayesha was just what I needed to help me expand my perspective of my situation. My gifts came into my reality at a rapid pace and the reading I was given was such a gift and very helpful to my experience. I would feel confident recommending Ayesha to anyone, even my closest friend's and family! 

LAURA LIGHT - I had a spiritual counseling/reading session with Ayesha the other day, and I wanted to express my deepest gratitude. She said just the right things to bring me hope and rouse me out of my depressed and worried mood. She gave me a much-needed perspective on the different aspects of my life. I found her to be very authentic as a person, and felt her care and concern across the miles (we are ten time zones apart). The things she sensed about my situation were very much on target. She met me where I was and gave me what I needed. I feel like she opened the field for me and empowered me. I would definitely recommend her to others, as I would trust her to handle any issues with care and kindness. Thank you, Ayesha, for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world!  

MICHELE PHILLIPS - I had a reading in January. Ayesha answered my questions with love and authenticity. I followed her guidance, and now I am a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner. My life will never be the same, in the highest and best way. I am truly in awe at how much her advice has helped me grow and blossom. Thank you, Ayesha. I love you!  

LISA MARIE LARSEN NATLAND - I have learned so much from Ayesha and got many answers that i been seeking, i feel that she really see me and gives me what i need to hear and IT helps me to grow and learn... i been having a lot of fears but she have definitely helped me a lot and healing...i m very grateful for all she have done for me and all... i love that she is straight forward and don't judge anyone... 👐☆♡♡☆☆●○• all love 

ABEL GARCIA - Ayesha did readings first on my moms health and she was so accurate , also on one of Brothers bad influences Friend. Also on my sister behavior situation, also on me I asked if I had any messages from spirit guides or angles love ones As I would worry a lot specially on my health. And she told me that I will fine and that at this time I shouldn’t and that I don’t need to worry at all’s regarding my health, She was and she is so accurate on my readings she has provided as I mentioned for my family and me as well , I highly recommend her absolutely, she is Really gifted my respects.

BONITA QUICK - Ayesha's abilities are mind blowing. Her accuracy is impeccable. It is the greatest gift, to have the honor of personal sessions with her. God answered my prayers for a "guru" when she appeared in my life last year. I continue to take amazing steps in my personal progress while she floats in and out of each week's work. I finally got the opportunity to settle in for a one on one. I have reached the pinnacle of my current existence and am ready to share my gifts with the world. I am confident about future success and i know that she is the one who can help remove the current obstacles in this lifetime of healing that seems a bit more hard core than average. Ayesha Sheeba gives me the confidence and strength to know that my destiny is as i see it. I know i have an amazing future ahead of me. Ayesha helped me remember my spirit guide, gave the name of my imaginary friend as a child. I am forever grateful because my connection with Sandy has always been there and i have ignored it. Thank you, Ayesha. I love you.

MEGAN KIRBY - I am happy to have stumbled across Ayesha's live video. She talked a lot about the soul's progression that helped me. I had asked her if my significant other was my twin flame and she said yes he is. I had thought that already but it is nice to know for sure and explains a lot to me.

SHIANCA TAYLOR - I've known Mrs Ayesha for almost a year now . I only come to to her for words of wisdom and advice she is definitely the Truth. She hasn't told me anything wrong or false. She truly cares as a person and tells you what you need to know . Love her to death thanks my lady for being here for me. 

JEANNE STAYTON - You were so refreshing and sweet, thank you