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Welcome precious one for treading this way in this journey of yours. I am honored to have crosses paths with you and hope that this will indeed make a difference in your existence here.

Simply Spirit is a book for the seeker who wishes to empower oneself with spiritual wisdom through self research and guidance from a myriad of resources in this world. It is a compilation of all my work over the past two decades and it will take you through a journey into yourself through what I have experienced throughout my spiritual journey as well as through the numerous interactions with my spirit guide and other magnificent beings from the other side of the veil.

I request that you take your time to read this book, pausing to reflect,intuitively filter and seek to apply in whatever form and pace is most convenient to you. My spiritual gifts have supported me throughout this lifetime and service to others in order to empower them spiritually, has always been my only intention.

I come to you with no ego but with a soul full of love and eagerness to see you fly higher than you have. Unravel the magnificence in you through your own awakening. Spirituality is not a subject or belief. It is the state of being you are and always shall be since Creation.

Simply Spirit is a product from Revolution Of Light, which I founded years ago. It is a platform for continuous spiritual development and education. I have been blessed to have a modest, beautiful community of individuals from all walks of life join me on this journey where there is absolute respect and love for each other.

This book will be another step for me to reach out to many more worldwide to share all that I have put forth in this world for over two decades. I do hope that it is passed on as it should for the highest good of this universe.