Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Spirituality is NOT about:

- Meditation
- Isolation from this reality
- being 'holy' and perfect
- living in a highly restricted environment or lifestyle
- no longer fitting into your life

These are myths. The New Generation of Spirituality merges reality with spirituality and can change the very concept of life here.

Spirituality is not for boring people. It's boring to be 'normal'. You are missing out on so much trying to be 'cool' and normal. What you watch in awe in movies but refuse to acknowledge in reality is boring.

Open your mind up in ways you never have so far. Your soul speaks louder than anything you hear in this world. You can see far beyond what your eyes can see.

The voice in your head - is NOT your imagination. Would it hurt you to take even an hour a day to listen to yourself? What if everything you ever wanted to know or do lies inside you?

Let's stop playing around with speculations and assumptions and get down to the real business of life as it should be. There is enough going on around us for us to still keep clinging onto false hopes and diction.

Step out of your comfort zone and programming of how life should be because you are not in your natural state. This is not you. The real you lies inside you. In the voice within. In the visions of your mind. Everything you believe is the supernatural and unknown is more a part of you than the illusions of this world.