Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Life in this dimension comes with numerous challenges. We all learn how to deal with them over time and find ways to somehow bring hope and faith into our souls through people we love and by connecting to the God source. However, although prayers are heard and often divine intervention helps to reduce the effects of the lessons or offer clarity, it is not uncommon for souls to exit their life abruptly without completing their mission here.

Such instances are referred to as suicide. Suicide leaves behind heavy karma and what is thought of by the soul as an exit point and an end to their problems is actually anything but that. Suicide accumulates karma. One is not punished but has to compensate for the losses incurred due to the sudden exit. The losses are incurred both by the soul as well as those who are connected to this soul. Therefore, like any kind of karma, it is only right that you receive what you have put out into the Universe. This karma is then served over the next incarnation or more. 

So what happens is, instead of actually feeling liberated after committing suicide, you will end up awakening to the realization that you have just added more to your soul's path in terms of karma. Remorse and disappointment in self are the most common reactions for the soul soon after.

The soul will be directed by the spirit guides and angels to a dimension designed for healing and recovery within weeks of passing. This dimension is called Celeste, a high intensity healing portal that is submerged in the depths an Oceanic environment. It is very peaceful, quiet and specialized in disconnecting souls from their thinking process so that they can heal from their afflictions until they are ready to move on. The beings who monitor and guide the souls in Celeste are not connected to our world in any manner. They do not have any form except that of bright lights that act as support for the souls. The duration a soul stays in Celeste can range from a few years to decades. Celeste offers healing for tormented souls as well.

When the soul leaves Celeste, options to reincarnate are given. Some choose to incarnate immediately while others may remain earthbound or leave for their own dimension until they decide to mve on. Unlike the many beliefs of an eternal flame or purgatory like environment which consume souls who commit suicide, the higher dimensions do accommodate the manifestation of such environments temporarily to provide an illusion of sorts. This is so that it allows the soul to understand the truth behind suicide which many have not been able to understand when alive. Within hours or days of passing, the soul is then led to Celeste and is given the option to leave this plane and not remain earthbound.

So when the soul reincarnates, the karma incurred from the suicide is also added to be served over the next life. Likewise, the lessons that the soul avoided through suicide will be repeated. Hence, it simply repeats the entire cycle and with a penalty.

Suicide is a waste of time and effort. It does nothing more than prolong the process of evolution. You do not escape from a situation but pretty much extended the time you take to complete your mission by more than a few years.

I hope this has given some clarity and would also help many to think about the consequences of leaving this dimension before you are due. It is not meant to inflict fear but generally allow one to make a sensible decision of staying behind and working your way through a situation rather than giving up.

None of us is given more than we can deal with and it is none other than your soul/higher self who designs every incarnation. SO, trust yourself and your strength. Nothing is worth giving up for.