Sunday, April 30, 2017


5th Chakra - Throat chakra

In continuation of the Chakra series, this article is based on the Throat Chakra which is blue and is situated in the throat and shoulder region in your body. This happens to be one of the most frequently and commonly blocked chakras and most of us tend to face health and emotional issues that come from this block.

The Throat Chakra focuses on self-expression, being truthful to oneself and also self-acceptance  in every aspect of your existence in this plane. Some relationships and society at large can put you in situations where you tend to hide your feelings or let others control you. When you hold back your expression ot thoughts continuously, it causes a block in your throat chakra.

As a soul, you have every right to be honest to yourself. To respect your emotions, thoughts and needs. When you keep avoiding situations or lessons that require confrontations or self-expression, you will end up having multiple psychological and physical issues ranging from throat related medical conditions to depression and anxiety.

Some of us also have a hard time saying no and end up obliging to requests even if it is inconvenient or disturbing. This too affects the Throat Chakra and until you learn how to respect your space,needs and comfort as well - the lessons will keep repeating themselves.

This chakra is also affected by the spiritually awakened who tend to hide their spirituality from others in the fear of being isolated or misunderstood. Even though it may seem like a solution to try and 'fit' in even after the spiritual awakening - prolonged denial will end up being a constant strain on the soul and lead to multiple health issues.

A sincere advice would be to not claim your spirituality before others overnight but to make this a gradual transition process. In this way, it will not be overwhelming to everyone.

Respect your integrity and honor your uniqueness for there are none like you. Love yourself by letting people know how you feel. Be yourself. It is only when you respect yourself in this manner would others know what you need. Merely assuming they would understand is only going to be disappointing.

I hope this article was informative and will help you understand your valuable entity of light in this Universe.