Saturday, March 25, 2017


When in fear or doubt of your spiritual experiences - think. You came from the other side of this magnificent veil. And you will return there when your mission here is completed. Your loved one who have passed are there.The fear and doubt are of the ego. That is not a unknown strange imagination. It never was. That is home. For all of us.

To best describe my journey as someone who travels there every single day and also has family there like most of us, I can say that every moment spent there is breathtaking and as real as this world. All it took was a change of perception and to trust all that I see and hear.

Every spiritual gift that you are looking for has been a part of your existence since birth. It is as natural as any other part of your body. You have been using them for survival here and a spiritual awakening happens when you realize they can be applied for spiritual purposes.

This world is programmed to help you remember. Through stimulation, we learn to understand our true purpose, mission and the spiritual side of the soul.

None of this is strange or new. It never will be. Change the way you look at your spiritual experience by simply trusting the process and not letting your mind distract you.

It is easier than you think. Or not think.