Friday, April 14, 2017


The Rays Of Consciousness

At the point of creation, the one consciousness had to split into billions of units. Each unit contained a soul pair. Masculine and feminine. Though sexual identity is not necessarily always recognized in the higher dimensions, it is used for identifying the communion of each unit and also to raise the vibrations of the dimensions through sensual connections if deemed necessary.

Now, each soul pair is identified through the rays they emit into the one consciousness. The white light splits into a spectrum of shades. Each shade representing the primary purpose of the unit.

Here is a list of the rays found in the spectrum:

Gold - Ascended Masters/High Priests and High Priestesses
Silver - Warriors
Violet - Wisdom/Teachers and Guides
Blue - Healers

The soul pairs that belong to each ray primarily focus on their main responsibility which falls under the ray system. Every incarnation revolves around this ray and the rays become a part of each soul's respective auric field.

This ray continues to act as a form of identity and protection for the souls throughout their existence, only increasing in strength and vibration as they evolve.

There are many similarities between the ray groups but some distinctive variations which do not in any way place them in a hierarchy system. This is chosen by the Source (God) at the point of creation and in no way puts anyone above the other.

For instance, just because one is of the golden ray - it does not eliminate the soul from evolving as others have to. They too have to move up the evolution table justr like the rest and are not as priviledged as they are thought to be. Their responsibilities and challenges are bigger and more complex.

This ray system applies to all beings of this Universe and not only to a particular dimension. The rays return to the one consciousness when the point arrives of returning to source appears. And the rays become one with the white light or Source.

When you see any of these colors in your aura, you know that you belong to that particular ray.
So keep an eye out for the colors. They will be helpful in leading you to your purpose or life mission here.