Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The next on the series of Chakras and the blocks involved is the Heart Chakra also known as the Anahata.

It embodies the all encompassing expression and embracing of love for all there is. It holds the center of your being and encapsulates your soul within in a Oneness with the Great Cosmos. The body or incarnation you currently are in is brought to an awareness for the need to accept and give love to all there is including yourself. Expressing love which comes in various forms is a natural need and purpose for all. To restrict oneself through any form of emotional complex or withdrawing oneself from receiving and receiving love will block the flow of energy in this chakra.

This paves way for shame,depression and loneliness and isolation. A disconnection from all there is by either self or through external stimulation will also block this chakra. Toxic relationships that stimulate a disturbance in this chakra - are usually karmic and need to be relinquished over time and not be allowed to stagnate and distract you from your true purpose.
And relationships in the past that have caused pain and grief should only be looked upon as lessons and not as ways to block yourself from loving again.

Avoiding and ignoring expressions of love, feeling undeserving of it can cause tremendous stress which will also block your heart chakra. To release yourself from it, though it may take time - you have to go back to trusting and believing in love again. To value kindness and compassion for all. To accept that not everything out there is out to hurt you.

Grief is also a form of block for this particular green chakra. Love surpasses time and space and hence the love between souls continue well past death. Although grieving is a natural process and has to also be embraced as a process in life here, prolonged grieving blocks you from not just the love you can still continue to experience - but also from communicating with the loved one who has crossed over.

Self love - the most precious of all, is the embodiment of your spiritual well being. It contains the very core of your soul and when you lack in this regard, you tend to lost track of everything that you stand for including your life purpose here and your connection to the Universe.

Start from within. Observe how you feel about each area of your being - concerning love. And focus on the solutions. Healing,forgiving and acceptance. The process may not happen overnight but it will eventually lead you to the path of unblocking this chakra and evolving into the loving soul you have always been.