Monday, March 6, 2017


Solar Plexus - 3rd Chakra

The solar plexus chakra, which is yellow and is located between your navel and solar plexus, is a very important chakra as it defines your ego and personality. This chakra is the most affected by imbalance as we all in some way or the other are trying to cope with balancing our ego and identity. To balance it would mean to be proactive rather then reactive or inactive in your life.

When there is excessive energy in your solar plexus chakra - you will be highly reactive to stimulation from people and environments leading to high levels of stress,anxiety,depression and  emotional meltdowns.

When there is inadequate energy in this chakra - the opposite happens. You lack interest in life, tend to remain very passive and lack self will to be confident about your abilities. Self criticism and judgement also blocks this chakra.

The need to balance this chakra is very important for each one of us as it defines your personality and your evolution. A focused individual will always implement self-respect and love and act confidently without having to constantly depend on others or seek for their approval.
He or she will also be able to find peace within without having to depend on external situations to define it.

The choices you make in life define your path and the manner by which you make these choices also play a vital role in determining your strength as a soul. People who suffer from blocks in the solar plexus chakra also suffer from physical conditions that affect the digestive system,liver and gall bladder. So these can also be observed as signs that indicate an imbalance in your third chakra.

To be ashamed or insecure would set you back from becoming the person you are meant to transform into. Be proactive. Trust in yourself. Use your ego to inspire yourself and not control others.

The best ways of removing the block comes from regaining self- love and appreciation. Make time for yourself everyday where you indulge in any activity that you truly enjoy. Something healthy and peaceful. Even if this is for less than 30 minutes a day - this time for yourself will inspire you to get through the rest of the day and also give you something to look forward to.

A self appreciation journal also will give you reasons to love yourself again. To appreciate you at a deeper level.

On the whole, observing and understanding the functions of this chakra will strengthen your personality and purpose in life.