Tuesday, March 14, 2017


So where are all the deities? Have you wondered where they all are? If they remain ascended and in the higher realms? Or have they reincarnated to serve this dimension? I would say about 65% of them are among us now. In flesh. Alive and well. Serving mankind. Not seeking for attention or fame. Not interested in being located or exalted. Why would they not choose to be known? Are they hiding? If yes, from what?

Well this world has come a long way from the times when the deities are understood and respected for who they are. It is an era where the ego in mankind has risen dangerously high. Where fraudulence and lies have broken too many hearts and lives. The ascended souls have have mostly resorted to leading quiet incarnations because they would rather focus on service. They have no need to judge or be judged. And although they are compassionate and are filled with unconditional love for all - when reincarnated, they too become sensitive like you and me.

A deity would rather not be humiliated and embarrassed for 'claiming' to be an entity of a very high vibration. This often distracts them from their true purpose. Therefore, while their light bodies remain in the higher planes, they do descend to serve mankind - especially during these very challenging times.

They would prefer to remain anonymous until and unless it is a requirement that they reveal their true identity. So how does one recognize them? Well, unless they choose to be recognized - the rare times where you may come across someone who happens to contain a very high frequency light, wisdom that often surpasses the current times and age of the individual, the serenity and obvious connection between the individual and the higher dimensions, exceptional spiritual gifts that demonstrate authenticity and innate incredible control are some of the signs of a deity. Well, it is not necessary to find them because if they are meant to be found - it will occur when they choose to do so. That also means that the individual may not even be aware of his or her past life as a deity yet. But he or she will discover it sooner or later.

Until then - they continue to live among us. To serve and love. Unconditionally. Namaste