Sunday, February 26, 2017


At no point of time was it necessary to think that all had to walk on the same path to evolve.In fact, it is quite the contrary. One of the lessons we have all come to learn is acceptance. Tolerance.

To know that the paths are many but the purpose and destination - the same. To assume that everyone has to be on the same path as you to find enlightenment or to be accepted by God - is a great misconception that mankind has to shed.

However, it is not for us to judge anyone. As much as those who follow any specific faith have to realize that every faith,color and race is one, it is necessary for the spiritually awakened as well - to accept the same.

For the message behind every religion has been tolerance,love and peace. But the messages have always been contorted to suit the time and ego of those who chose to create a system to control groups. And therefore, it soon turned into an effective method of separating the whole population into segments. Divide and rule. Thus, along the way we learned how to lose our identity as spiritual beings.

And now, with there being much chaos in this dimension and people not finding the answers they seek - there is an underlying urgency to connect at a deeper level. Some form of truth that will set everyone free from the separation. A way to bring everyone together.

People run in every direction. Some form of escapism. From addictions to religion. And then there is the truth. Spirituality.

Spirituality - Is not a belief system or an obsession that requires any technique or scripture. But a state of being. Just you. And you don't need to qualify for it. You just be.

But does that mean that you must be accepted by the world as a spiritual being overnight? No. If you think they do, it would mean that you have simply begun to follow another system that intends to separate you from the rest. That pretty much is what this dimension has been a victim of for centuries.

To accept everyone as they come and not judge them - is to co exist and realize that it is a part of your spiritual growth as well. Tolerance for everything and everyone without necessarily having a close connection with them will help you to deal with the many changes this world goes through effectively.

When one loses tolerance - you invite disharmony into your life. Your mental peace suffers. We all had to at some point in past incarnations - embrace some system or faith to evolve into spiritual beings of light. It is a level that we all had to cross to be here today.

Being a spiritually awakened being does not mean that you are a much better person that those who do not follow this path. We must bear in mind that no faith or system defines a person. They are just labels.

When we remove the labels from everything - including spirituality, we will see that we all are one. Learn to love all. Near or far. They need to co exist for us to evolve and vice versa.

Tolerance and acceptance of this truth will bring more people towards the light you possess. There has to be enough light for others to find themselves. Spirituality is not a blinding light. It is a guiding light.