Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ask Ayesha - Lucelle Ingram

When someone passes to the other side, it normally takes a few weeks for him/her to adjust to that environment during which the soul is guided to the dimension of origin by guides and loved one who are on the other side as well. It takes anywhere between a few years to a decade or so for the soul to incarnate depending on the evolution level, missions, karmic and soul contract issues. Even as souls we do have a free will so it largely depends on if the soul intends to reincarnate immediately or much later.

Some souls who have reached a much higher level of evolution can choose to become spirit guides as well. They have to go through an extensive course in the higher dimension before they are permitted to become spirit guides. This may itself take anywhere between a few months to a year (Earth space time span).

Those who have completed all their missions in this dimension and have to ascend to the next plane will disconnect their light body connections with this plane after a year or so of remaining in their origin (home). In such cases, they do not reincarnate here.