Saturday, January 7, 2017


As the second article in the series, this will address the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame relationship. Now, as I mentioned before - there are so many resources online and offline about this highly romanticized soul connection to the extent that so many are beginning to believe that they all deserve to meet their soul mate or twin flame immediately. Now, if one would only understand that this is not a Snow White story on steroids, things will fall into a clearer perspective.

Romance, the fairy tale kind - does exist. But I would rather say that for twin flames to come to that stage, it requires tremendous effort and understanding through having spent various stages of evolution together often through multiple lifetimes. Yes, you can attract your twin flame(as promised by some psychics) but to assure you that this would be the best thing to do - is something I would never recommend. I believe in the process called life and destiny. And your higher self knows best when it comes to doing anything. Yes, you have a free will but you should know that by trusting your higher self and spirit guides - you will avoid making unnecessary moves that will probably affect your life negatively than otherwise.

Here are some claims I found on the soul mate vs. twin flame relationship. And I will be addressing them as per my personal experiences and from what I have learned over the years from channeling my spirit guides and masters.

1. In twin flame relationships, painful experiences have already occurred prior to meeting each other - mostly from relationships with soul mates over other lifetimes. Pain from a twin flame relationship is nurturing and growth supportive whereas that with a soul mate could be traumatic and difficult.

I would say, that even after you meet you twin flame - the evolution of the soul continues. It does not mean that once you reunite with your twin flame, all pain and learning ends. I have lived with my twin flame over several lifetimes. And we have had both wonderful as well as excruciating experiences together. Just because one mirrors the other does not imply that they do not suffer or inflict suffering on each other. I believe that I have been able to trust the process and trust him in knowing that even in the most abusive circumstances - my soul understood there was more to it than just the pain. Whereas with a soul mate - at some point we do tend to let go when the pain gets too severe and the purpose is served.

This difference therefore, does not apply. Suffering and lessons learned are almost if not completely equal in strength. However, the minor difference is - in the event of a traumatic experience between soul mates - the tendency to leave each other is more and less painful than that between twin flames. The twin flames will always gravitate back to each other over the lifetime - emotionally even after they have moved on separately. They will in some way look out for each other and will 'mourn' over the connection subconsciously.

In some cases, extreme anxiety and pain is experienced by twins (especially if spiritually awakened and aware of the twin flame connection). In such cases, unless both the twins are awakened and long for a reunion, the yearning from just one side alone will not bring much of a benefit.

2. You may mistaken a soul mate for a twin flame but never the other way around.

Absolute truth. The intensity involved in a twin flame relationship goes way beyond that of a sexual overtone. Sexual synchronicity between twin flames is magnificent and no physical attraction is necessary for this to occur. They are lured to each other by their higher selves and they do not require physical attraction or any of the statistics this dimension believes in - to be in love. However, soul mates can be mistaken for a twin flame because they too possess a very similar Spiritual DNA imprint as that of your twin flame. Hence, there are many who believe they have met their twin flame and are often disappointed. Not all soul mate relationships are meant to be temporary. Should your higher self need to be away from the twin flame during a particular lifetime or phase, a karmic soul mate will potentially agree to have a long term relationship with you to support you and serve its purpose as ordained. This is where, we must learn to trust that by forcefully attracting your twin flame into your life using spells or any other intention - may affect all involved negatively. Trust the process of life and your life charts. Only what is meant to be will come into being.

When you force a relationship without it feeling naturally consenting, you will alter your life purpose and cause unnecessary confusion. Consult your higher self or spirit guides through meditation regarding this before attempting to forcibly attract your twin flame.

If you are destined to meet your twin flame, you will even if one of you is in spirit. There are relationships that are inter-dimensional between twin flames in this world even as you read this. And this too is planned by the higher selves. I will address inter-dimensional twin flame relationships later in this series.

3. Sexual connection with a soul mate can be great. And that with a twin flame is exceptional. However, one simply does not rely on this alone.

One of the reasons a soul mate can be mistaken for a twin flame is because the sexual connection with a soul mate can be almost as amazing as that with a twin flame. The intensity and attraction can be so overwhelming that it can actually make you believe that you have found your twin flame. However, when the magical honeymoon ends, you will begin to see the missing part.

Sexual intensity is not the only factor in a twin flame relationship. There is unconditional love and the need to be together even when sex is not involved - defines a twin flame relationship. I have has a very traumatic and abusive relationship with my twin flame many lifetimes ago where despite the suffering - we have both loved each other intensely. It went far beyond physical and emotional bonding. But under a similar circumstance - there will be no way I would tolerate such a relationship with a soul mate. Once you have reunited with your twin flame and have experienced the sexual connection - there will be a dramatic clarity in defining the difference between every other relationship you have had and that with your twin flame.

4.Insecurities in a twin flame relationship are less when compared to that with a soul mate.

Yes, to a certain extent - the insecurities and worries about 'losing' a twin flame is less. You will simply know deep inside that you are safe in this relationship and don't require to cling onto this person. Likewise, even in the event of having to leave each other - although the initial separation pain will persist, you will not sense hatred or disappointment if you are awakened or are in the process of doing so. You have a knowingness that this isn't the final goodbye.

The same cannot be said for a soul mate connection because it is quite the opposite. The obsessive behavior to control or possess the soul mate - leading to insecurities and hatred is far more prevalent. And in the event of a separation - when both of them have decided to let go, they do and the recovery phase is easier than that of a twin flame. Above all, let me stress that all of this highly depends also on what your higher self chooses to experience at that point of time. Everything is done and said to help you grow and evolve. The same can be said for all the others involved as well.

5. Twin flames have to look alike. Soul mates don't.

This has to be by far the most misunderstood concept. Twin flames do NOT have to look alike. Not even when they are merging. I have had hilarious encounters with people who claim to be merging with their twin flames and allow themselves to believe that they have to look as similar as possible when this occurs. Physical attributes are genetic and when you are born into different cultures and genetic imprints in this world, it is unlikely that you (if you are of Chinese descent in this lifetime) will look the same as your twin who is of say... (Caucasian descent) and vice versa. The genetic and cultural conditioning in this world varies and although some twin flames do look similar, most of them do not have to be. Physical attributes vary and this must be understood.

Some people who claim to be twins of celebrities - tend to impersonate or try to look the same as the said celebrity to convince themselves and others. Well, a certain lady went even to the extent of transforming her lack of personal hygiene into that of growing a beard similar to a male celebrity who had passed. I don't think I need to say more about such eccentric personalities. And no, my intuition said otherwise about her.

I will be back with the next article on differences between both of these amazing spiritual connections in a few days.

I hope you found this information useful and enjoyable.