Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Life on the other side of the veil (the afterlife as we know it), has often been misunderstood as some kind of distant land where they really don't have to do anything or rather just float. Well, I have been blessed with the ability to see 'people on the other side' - as I have always called them. And I must say that they seem pretty normal to me. Besides the fact that they do not get hungry or bored and they do what they want to instead of have to - they do lead amazingly similar lives. But then again, this experience can be altered or tweaked to suit their individual needs as well.
As for personalities, they don't quite change dramatically except for the fact that they are more than just street smart. Their level of intelligence is higher than when they were in this dimension. So, a lot of the frustrations, sadness and other emotions are reduced to pave way for a deeper understanding and acceptance of how the Universe works. The restlessness and anxiety ceases to exist and are replaced by immense peace and knowingness.
For most part, they retain their personalities and preferences. Some even have the same food habits! I have often caught my guide with his favorite food or books! And no, not everyone likes to float around. They do walk and sometimes have the odd moment of wondering if they will make it through the wall or bang into it.
They can see, hear and feel you just fine. They co-exist on a parallel plane which overlaps ours. They can go into the astral plane through portals. These portals are doorways to other dimensions.
They can recreate their homes and environment there - which they have been used to in this dimension based on how they wish to perceive their reality there. And yes they do think of their loved ones here, They visit and send their loving thoughts and prayers.
They know when you think about them. They acknowledge it. So the connection is never truly lost. It is just in another form.