Friday, January 6, 2017

The Human Soul Has A Weight

Did you know that the human soul weighs 1/3,000th of an ounce? This was said to be the conclusion from a team of East German researchers after having experimented on over 200 terminally ill patients soon before and immediately after their passing.

This was mentioned in a press release by Dr.Becker Mertens of Dresden which was also published in the German Science Journal Horizon.

Although this created many speculations in the global science community, including the possibility that the weight difference between the living and dead could be accounted for air exiting the lungs upon death. However, these were also taken into account - as according to the researchers Dr. Elke Fisher and Dr.Becker; during the experiments. They also opted out the possibility of an instantaneous physical deterioration during death. Thus it was finally concluded to be that this measurement has indicated the presence and loss of the human soul or life force.

Although many similar experiments were conducted in the past to study this, including the 1907 attempt made by MacDougall on several patients who were terminally ill from tuberculosis, the primitive facilities and devices that were used then did not seem to offer an accurate display.

The hypothesis was made that a soul portal formed upon death which then whisked the soul away. This experiment was said to also have been supported by sources highly respected by the Vatican which was said to have mentioned the following.

"But one highly placed source said Pope John Paul II was aware of the German study. And he reportedly was most impressed. “The Roman Catholic Church has never concerned itself with the weight of the soul, but we are pleased with scientific confirmation of its existence,” the source said.