Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Greetings, beautiful angels of light.

This is the third article in the Twin Flame vs. Soul Mates series.
I hope you enjoyed reading first two parts of this series. As promised, I will be looking at more differences between a twin flame and soul mate relationships.

6. Once reunited, twin flames do not separate.

This is untrue. These claims mislead people who believe that all they need to do is meet their twin flame and they will never have to look for someone else ever again or worry about separation.

Based on my own experiences spanning over several lifetimes and on channeled messages from the higher dimensions - I dare say that unless both the masculine and feminine twins are spiritually awakened and are in the process of the final reunion (having completed their karmic cycles or a re nearing it) and are merging - there are possibilities of them separating as per their soul contract in that lifetime. Twin flame relationships work just as any other relationships do in this dense dimension. There is ego and other issues involved. So, to assume that by invoking your twin flame at any point would bring in the everlasting phenomenon into your life - will be disappointing unless both you and your twin are ready to merge.

7. There will come a time, when nothing can come in between twin flames.

Yes, when all of the karmic cycles have been completed and both twins have merged - regardless of which dimension they are in - it will be impossible to  separate them. THe merging process is the 'grand finale' and from then on, they shall remain together. Even in the cause of death of one of them, the relationship will remain inter-dimensional.

8. It is alright to forgo soul mate relationships for a twin flame.

Unless your charts say so - and you feel divinely lured to reunite with your twin flame, you must remember that you will not be able to predict the outcome of this reunion. Although the initial intense attraction towards each other may sweep you off your feet - much like every other relationship, it will act out as per the karmic cycle and the intention of the higher selves.

So if you are already committed to someone else and you meet your twin flame, please be wise to not allow this to interfere in your life. It is okay to acknowledge the bond. And perhaps remain as friends. For as long as we are in flesh, we do function as such and you will never know which direction the twin flame connection would go (if you are not merging yet).

9. Soul mate relationships can morph into that of a twin flame relationship.

This is untrue. Neither one can take the form of the other. You can ever only have one twin flame. None can replace that under any circumstance. Your twin will be the only half of you and he or she will have the same spiritual DNA imprint as you in the whole Universe. And you will always gravitate towards each other no matter how far and wide you are. No matter how intense or wonderful a soul mate relationship proves to be, it can never morph or replace the twin flame connection.

This concludes the series. I hope you enjoyed reading all of the articles.
And may you find peace in understanding and accepting the truth as it has been presented. Again, my views and research may not seem like it is supporting the general assumption of many but it will be one perspective that you may want to also look at, should you find that you require any clarification.