Sunday, January 29, 2017


The Root Chakra

The root chakra, also known as the first chakra which is in red - holds the key to survival. Besides being the base for your instinct, emotional security and survival connector - it also operates as the entrance for the Kundalini energy.

Now, as humans, we are also aware that one of the biggest challenges we face in life is fear. Eve those who claim to be fearless, possess it in a form.

The root chakra is the basic foundation of your whole being. It sanctifies your existence. It brings about the awareness of you in a dimension. Therefore, when it is blocked by fear through hesitation, ego based or the inability to overcome the need to release oneself from a 'comfort zone' - you will feel incomplete within. Even the most ambitious and successful individual who lives with fear of either failure or rejection is suffering from this block.

To become one with divine grace and purpose will set you free from this block. When you begin to understand that you will always be led with a divine protection and purpose - you tend to gradually give up the need to always have control over situations, people and yourself. Planning your life ahead is needed but to also accept with grace that delays and distractions also are filled with a purpose - helps you to overcome the fear better.

Fear of failure and rejection should be constructive. They should motivate and not restrict. They should be taken up as lessons and challenges and not as a means to give up. Focus on the energy behind every situation. If you have instinctively been reminded that you are pushing against something which has eitherno further purpose in your life or is not meant to be - it is best to overcome the fear to remain attached to it.

When in this world, we tend to become attached to much. Relationships, environments and habits quickly become a part of our lives and often go on to becoming important aspects of our lives. And this creates fear when you struggle against your instinct to survive without fear.

Fear also delays the process of you discovering spiritual ascension. When the ego keeps forcing you back into the program of this dimension - it is often translated to fear and doubt. And this is why many have issues opening up to their spiritual gifts and experiences.

Although this dimension is a temporary home for all of us in every incarnation, it's highly dense conditioning manages to 'blind' us from the truth and hence the journey towards spiritual awakening becomes a process of unlearning what this world has taught us.

So, even though losing this fear cannot be achieved overnight - it is not impossible. A conscious decision is all it takes. We all have been blessed with intuition. Trust it.

Just by trusting the divine guidance that comes through your intuition - you will be divinely guided through without fear. And keep your eyes on the truth. Which also means you will have to release your ego from interfering.

Why have an ego against your very being? Why fear what comes from a deep knowing within you? What if every decision can be made knowing that it has a role to play in your evolution? And that it will still lead you to the right path? How different would your life be if you knew you cannot commit mistakes and coincidences but that everything you do and say takes your soul further into peace and not turmoil?

Think about it...