Thursday, February 2, 2017


Fear is a major block in spirituality. It is a major leap for those who wish to ascend but it is not impossible. In fact, it is a gradual process that comes from both experience,exposure and understanding.

But generally, a basic understanding of how a change of perception alone will make a big difference helps. Spirits are not of an unknown nature, nor is their environment. The other side of the veil is all we have known as souls. We came from there and shall return there when our mission here in every incarnation ends.

Hence. the term 'unknown' is a paradox. This dimension we live in is more unknown than that. The ego and mental conditioning of this world makes us think that we do not know or understand what lies on the other side. However, a growing number of the world's population has a subconscious longing for 'home' - which is the other side of the veil.

The need to fit into this society is hard for most of us. But that is because we do not belong here. None of us do. This dimension has been manifested to act as a platform for souls from multiple dimensions to co-exist in a Universal concept/illusion to learn and teach one another to evolve.

The spirit world is not some distant land. They co-exist more than we believe in. The dimensions overlap and act as parallel states of consciousness. Hence, interactions and connecting is possible. There are many scientific theories ranging from Quantum Consciousness, Noetic Science and Parapsychology that have conducted multiple experiments over decades in this regard.

Hence, such facts educate people and I believe since we expect support through systems found in this plane to help us trust everything - this information will be useful as well.

To eliminate fear, understand the way our bodies respond to different vibrations. Work on your spiritual gifts trusting that you are of the light and nothing can harm you unless you believe it can. It is a process, as I said.

And over time, you shall overcome this block and find the experience amazing.