Friday, September 23, 2016

Wording Your Life Right

Living in possibly one of the warmest cities on this planet, it is probably too easy to give up the ‘cool’ attitude and very few seem to resist the ‘hot’ offer. All conversations either begin or lead to the climatic condition and I often find myself in them at least twice a day.

I don’t try to duck each time someone mentions how horribly hot the day is. That would not make me feel any better about the weather or the conversation. Instead, a smarter way of approaching certain unpleasant issues would be to use milder or more positive words to describe them.

A ‘bright’ day sounds much better than a hot and sultry one. Hot is uncomfortable and sweaty whereas bright isn’t. Get it?

Does that mean that I stop feeling warm and sweaty? No, but the less of a big deal I make out of it, the more tolerable and pleasant it appears. I can think of quite a few such examples that can really make you change the way you look at many circumstances.

Try saying ‘issue’ instead of ‘problem’, ‘hurdle’ instead of ‘obstacle’, ‘phase’ instead of ‘crisis’, etc. I hope you get the idea. If you can think of more examples, do add it in as a comment so that you can share it with all of us!

You may not be able to switch over to this new habit overnight but with gradual usage, it would soon become a part of your life. Every habit needs to be tamed and the good ones get better while the bad ones diminish.

Soon, people will begin to notice the change in you and may just find your new habit adorably contagious.

For now, I am going to just leave you with this thought. Have a fantastic week!