Thursday, September 8, 2016

What if you can see your guides and ?

What if you can see your guides and angels as if they are alive in this dimension?

Sometimes, I wish I could pull each one of you closer to me and show you what I can see, hear and feel. But then sometimes I don't because I know that this life is so challenging that it will be too tempting. And we all have to complete our purpose set my our higher selves to walk through that magnificent veil.

 It's harder for me to resist the temptation to just exit when I go through a very tough time because I know that the other side is home. The other side (the unknown to many) will always look far more magnificent than this denser dimension.

 But there is a reason why some of us can see better. Feel better and hear better. It comes with a price. The price is the responsibility and the commitment one must have to resist the temptation. To bear the roughest weather and yet know its not time to leave until the purpose is served.

Gifts are freely available to all. Its what we do with it, that sets us apart. Its how we deal with it that brings us closer to them.

 The other dimensions are not in some distant place. It's right here. Like the layers of an onion, every dimension is enclosed in another. But they all are in parallel union. I have had encounters with all kinds of entities. And not all come from the higher dimensions.

Its the belief that sets us apart. The doubts. The fears. I have had an amazing journey. Every day, I discover something more to remember. To cherish. To love.

It will never be the same once you surrender to the light. By that I mean, trust like a child. Give it your all. And do so wholeheartedly. Don't try to hard. If you end up stressed and frustrated from trying for too long, you will not gain much from it. Because stress reduces your vibrations. And the whole purpose is to raise your vibration as much as possible to meet them in a common frequency.

 Which is why, when we are overwhelmed with grief or pain or anger - the gifts seem to fade. So remember to stay calm and open minded. Do not doubt your abilities. In fact, accept the fact that there are no coincidences. There are only some ways the spirit guides, angels and spirits can get through. And it takes tremendous effort from them to create any dramatic effects to get your attention every time. So look out for subtle signs.

And watch what happens....