Tuesday, March 29, 2022


In every society, we tend to somehow be in situations where we are encouraged to toughen up, face life with boldness and even told to look up to strong men and women who can do and be more.

Of course, life comes with many challenges and one cannot simply avoid them or hide behind stronger personalities to take over. 

So, many of us mentally force ourselves into dealing with stressful situations, additional responsibilities and pushing ourselves beyond our wildest imagination sometimes to keep up with expectations we have of ourselves and from others.

Single parenthood, which technically is not even meant to be a natural human family unit, is now glorified as if it is a feat that is necessary. So, it makes it all look as if this is feasible and the former need not even be required.
This in a way bites deep into the core values of humanity, where families raised by both parents equally sharing their commitments, thrived and turned out far more connected both socially and individually.

The pressures from the society to be and do more, push ourselves constantly just to appear strong with 'super human' persona do not necessarily create healthier individuals.

So, not everyone is built the same way, emotionally and physically. It would be demeaning to compare one person with another when they both have different opportunities, health and emotional balances etc.

It is not necessary to always be strong. One does not have to pretend to be resilient and highly efficient especially when you are taking up the responsibilities that requires two or more people. 

Respect your mind, body and spirit and listen to yourself. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Working smarter is far more efficient that working hard all the time.

Parenthood is a charged responsibility and when you have a non active partner, you are forced into a situation where you end up working for the both of you so planning ahead is very important.

If you wish to have a family, you need to first be sure of the kind of partner you are looking for and plan it out much before you start a family.

Similarly, live for yourself more than to impress others. A lifestyle created from peer pressure is far less exciting than one you build out of self respect and love.

Emotional balance is very crucial for a healthy journey. You are not here to win a race.

You do not have to prove how strong you are for anyone but yourself. 

Never feel the need to compare your path with someone else's. Be inspired but not pressurised.

Being strong does not mean you need to fit into societal expectations.