Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Many years ago, when I was still new to the spiritual community, one of the first things I heard when I connected to some mediums and psychics is that I was grieving and this held the spirits (my parents and twin flame) from moving to the light.

I am sure some of you would have heard something similar too. As I worked on myself and used my abilities to connect eith my Spirit Guides and others in the higher realms, the biggest revelation for me what how untrue this whole belief is.

Firstly, no spirit is held back by any kind of force from moving on. It is always free will, which is more prominent than it is here while still incarnated.

Grief is not exclusive for this realm alone. When someone you love passes away, they too miss their loved ones who remain here. So, grief is a part of the spiritual journey even after we have passed away.

Does grief hold us back from moving on in the afterlife or as they say, into the light? Temporarily, yes but it is a choice rather than any restriction imposed on us.

Is it not natural for those who have moved on to hang around after their passing to offer comfort of any kind they can still give to their bereaved loved ones?

From my decades of experience as a Spiritual Guide, I have rarely if even seen any living person without a loved one in spirit around them. We all have some family member or friend from this or previous lifetimes following us.

They are not trapped, at least not unless they choose to remain so out of their own inability to love on because of reasons best known to them. Trapped spirits are those who have yet to be aware of their situation and make that decision to free themselves.

So, is it that every spirit has to love into some light? Well, this again is more of an earthly belief. The so called 'Light' is not some doorway or destination. The astral plane is vast and open to everyone. 

Our loved ones do get to go anywhere their vibration aligns with. There is no specific 'heaven' everyone must go to because we all belong to different dimensions. Neither is anyone restricted from entering their own dimensions after passing either.

So, if someone you love has passed on and you fear that your grief is holding them back from moving on, you simply need to know that they too may be grieving or here to comfort you. They can come and go as they please. 

Even those who have committed suicide or died suddenly/tragically have the same choices. Evolution does not restrict anyone. 

So, this concept of moving into the light is for souls who are unable to figure this out for themselves as in the case of trauma victims or those who are unaware that they have passed.

In such cases, mediums can support the said spirits into ascending but this too cannot be forced. 

When one transitions, the social and mental conditioning of this world can still influence the experiences that briefly accompany the afterlife before this is gradually shed through a higher awareness and support. So, they may temporarily feel a bit confused or hesitant to proceed but help is always available to those who seek.

So, moving into the light is not some mandatory requirement and neither does such a specific place exist in any realm.

The access to the astral plane is immediately granted once someone transitions. There are no exceptions to this because once this physical shell is shed, automatically the spirit is in the astral plane. 

The access to this realm is still available but with very limited options to function or interact in it.

So, I hope this sheds some positive light into a somewhat old belief of the spiritual and supernatural communities.