Thursday, December 20, 2018


This question has been posed at me too many times over the decades and I feel that my belief that we do need it, has only increased over time. This world is bursting at its seams with all kinds of resources. If there is a need for something, someone will come along and offer it. However, seeking for spiritual guidance is not something the world at large has come to accept as a part of their needs as yet. Even among spiritualists, many would think one either needs a psychic reading, healing or an inspiring message for spiritual support. That alone is not sufficient because as we continue to evolve, it becomes necessary to have a reliable spiritual mentor/guide who will help you with all the inner work we all constantly are challenged to grow through.

Our lives here are impacted by past life trauma/lessons, soul contracts, to karmic cycles constantly and we cannot always deal with it on our own since our emotions will interfere. Spiritual guidance offers clarity, understanding, acceptance and healing from various perspectives. Though your therapist and other related professionals would surely contribute to your well being in this plane, their perspective and concepts revolve around the programming of this realm. This sets limits to understanding and coping with your soul's journey here simply because you are so much more than the person you see in your reflection each day. You are a soul who has traveled this Universe for ages over multiple incarnations and dimensions.

It takes a spiritual observation and diagnosis from a spiritual mentor/guide to be able to work through your inner well-being. A deep understanding and acceptance of your journey consisting of karmic and soul contract bonds from past lives and the current helps you to heal in a more complete and profound way. This enables the healing to work itself from the inside, which then reflects on the outside.

Each aspect of your being is connected to karma, soul contracts and spiritual evolution through ages. Spiritual growth remains imbalanced until one focuses on not just the limited analysis of this realm but far beyond. Progressive spiritual assessment and guidance gives you a sense of emotional and psychological liberation to become the embodiment of your higher self in this realm than a shadow of it.

It is thus crucial for everyone to respect their spiritual healing and growth as much as they do with all other aspects of their well being here.