Friday, September 14, 2018


The word addiction itself always leaves one feeling uneasy and think of lower vibrational experiences. We believe that the thrills behind such addictions are dangerous and meant for those who are gullible to the temptations of such stimuli either because of boredom, social pressure or other emotional imbalances. No stimulation is going to solve any of these reasons for they will only offer temporary relief.

Any kind of stimulation through recreational drugs and related products never are consistent in offering relief and contribute to the deterioration of the mind,body and spirit. Does spirituality have an answer to an addiction? Is there a way to get rid of addictions through spiritual practices and understanding? As a spiritual guide who has been able to assist numerous individuals suffering from a variety of addictions over several years, I must say that I am humbled to have been granted the ability to help them. I say this with great humility and not ego. I feel deeply saddened to see wise, precious souls suffer from the effects of addictions which often cascade to the rest of the family emotionally.

What does one seek or find with an addiction? There has to be something in these addictions that seem to offer some kind of pseudo relief. Before the person even begins to succumb to a particular addiction, there is that search which may be either conscious, subconscious or both. This search is often not just on a physical and emotional one. The spirit often searches as well and when the person is unable to understand or awaken to this realization, the body begins to crave for the answer instead. This is where the search leads to these artificial stimulants that then begins the destructive process.

So basically, the 'high' the addiction offers is not the real answer the person seeks but a pseudo version of it that this realm presents. Addictions are stress relievers that almost every person can get used to without much thought. Not all addictions pose as dangerous or lethal elements but when one begins to observe the reason why one is addicted to any element, it will be easier to heal from it.

Addictive elements dim the vibration and offer pseudo temporary relief but the 'high' you get from most of these elements are available with no side effects in spirituality. I have been meditating every day for over two decades and have never felt the need to use any such addictive elements to relieve stress or obtain a 'high'.

You are basically looking for something that will help you get a 'high' which your soul has been used to since creation. This high vibration your soul craves for is that of the dimension you belong to. The bliss, nostalgic feeling we feel deep within during meditation or spiritual related exposure such as astral travel/projection, etc., cannot be found in any element here. You can achieve this state of bliss through meditation.

All you need to do is know that you are just as capable of attaining that state of high vibration as any higher evolved soul. It only takes persistence and practice. I can achieve the state of absolute peace and bliss at will. I require no money, space or ingestion of any kind to experience it and it comes with no side effects.

Spirituality is pure and Universal. You are only connecting with the higher vibration that your soul is used to and therefore eliminates the craving while helping you to live a healthy and productively well balanced life here. No particular technique is perfect for all. Each one of us has a different journey and there is no need to feel pressurized to follow any particular technique. Meditation is the term used to describe a state of mind and not a technique. No same technique needs to work for each day too. So be graceful in your discovery for connecting with your higher self and it will soon take you through the most breathtaking experience that will surpass your emotional cravings and needs.

The purpose of meditation is to raise your vibration. There are other ways of achieving a certain elevation in vibration as well such as indulging in any particular activity that uplifts your spirit. Reading your favorite book, a quiet nap, spending time on a hobby/passion or anything that relaxes and brings joy to your heart is a form of meditation as well. Include one such activity into your schedule every day so that it gives you something to look forward to. Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day either in the morning or night. If none of these times are convenient, adjust according to your convenience but save some space and time exclusively for yourself. feed you soul and not just your body.

Addictions can destroy everything your higher self has come to build. Spirituality can help you and the effort will be worth much more than any addictive element in this realm can offer. Namaste.