Tuesday, February 20, 2018


In over twenty years of being a Spiritual Guide and Healer, I have seen the spiritual community evolve. Not all of it has been positive for like anything else in this dimension, there have been a myriad of personalities who have found their way into it. The term spirituality has been floating amidst so many inconclusive definitions with many newly awakened souls finding it a struggle to distinguish the truth from the rest.

Whenever someone awakens, the first common thing one does is to seek for information that can explain the process from sources that are available. This is a reasonable approach but we must also remember that information can be misinterpreted in many forms. How can one identify the truth? Well, as easy as it seems; most of us will struggle with this aspect of spiritual growth. You need to trust your intuition. Your intuition is the ultimate lie detector in this Universe and when used wisely,will be undeniably your best resource in your life.

Your intuition is the inner sense of knowingness which causes a sense of calmness within you if your soul feels something is true. Should you feel unrest or discomfort within you, then it is an indication that something is not true or right.

Well, I do not wish to stray further from the topic so here is what I feel I have learned and observed from myself and others over the years. If you have awakened recently or a few years ago and wish to contribute to healing this world with your newly acquired senses, you may want to first identify the reasons and responsibilities that go with such commitments.

As exciting as it all may seem, serving others is a very heavy responsibility which can leave you or others overwhelmed. Firstly, no matter what gift you possess - never compare yours with that of others. The purpose is not to compete but to serve. It is not about who does the job but that it is done. The focus should not be on the money or how effective you are. The focus should be on trusting the process.

Your spiritual gifts take time to grow into your new body. The experience is much like learning how to drive a new car. It takes patience and consistent effort. Sometimes, you may require the guidance of a spiritual mentor to help you gain a more disciplined and organized format.

To become a healer requires that you are first healthy. Any kind of emotional and physical afflictions can be transferred to the person receiving the healing from you and so it is important that you rest when you need to and not force yourself to offer healing when all is not well with you. Some people can even be affected by your emotions if they are empaths. So I would advise you to be wary of your emotional and physical condition before you heal someone. I normally prefer to meditate before I heal or sit down for a psychic session with a client. It raises my own vibration and offers clarity and higher connectivity to the source.

Being a reader is something not many awakened souls are too confident about but with practice, can become a great source to develop your spiritual gifts while serving others. The validation you receive when your client is able to resonate with your predictions increases your self confidence and inspires you to do more.

I know that most of us would love to do our spiritual work full time as nothing is more fulfilling that to be able to only do what we are passionate about. However, the initial challenge of having to gather attention and trust is something we all experience. I have had to personally hold down a job, business,being a mother of two babies while also pursuing my spiritual work for years until my spiritual work compensated for all my other professional ventures.

The focus should not be on money or fame. None of this can be achieved first. Just like in any other business, you will have to put in hard work and patience. Spiritual service is not a conventional business. It is a service which over time grows into a business. It is developed over years of building lasting relationships with clients who will trust and feel strongly connected to you. You do not have to possess exceptional spiritual gifts to gain trust. All it really takes is you respecting your abilities and the value of each person who connects to you for your abilities.

Bear in mind that it is also not about how much more you can make in a minute. I never believed in charging people on a per minute basis because nothing constructive can be said or done in less than 30 minutes. I believe in building relationships with all my clients. I have been blessed to know so many families and friends from multiple countries where some have stayed connected to me for decades.

You become a vital part of someone's life when you take up the responsibility of being a healer or reader for him or her. What you say or do will mean a lot in some way. Even if you make a tiny difference in the client's life that day, you have done your job.

Never underestimate the power of spiritual service. It goes further than any service offered in this dimension. You are being a light for those who need to reignite theirs. However, you must remember to balance your own energy by having a healthy flow of energy exchange and rest.

Every moment you spend healing or reading for someone else is energy spent from your own source. When depleted, you will feel drained and unappreciated. The flow of energy has to be both ways where you can either receive some kind of service the client can offer in return or by accepting a donation/fee for the same.

Your space and time is valuable. Offering service of any kind is energy spent which has to be reimbursed to balance the vibration of the Universe. Otherwise, it transforms into Karma for the receiver.

Trust the process no matter where you are at this point of being a light worker. Your service is tremendously valuable no matter how you feel about it.