Thursday, January 18, 2018


Since ancient times, people are familiar with the term GURU. A Guru is the Sanskrit term for teacher or master. A relationship between a Guru and a Disciple can last a lifetime but it is not unusual for someone to have many gurus either or outgrow the capacity of the guru as he or she evolves. In fact, a disciple can after a point;not require the guidance of a guru.

Personally, I believe that we are all gurus in a way. Gurus are resources in this dimension that help us evolve to a higher level of wisdom. We all have the ability to turn into such resources depending on the situations we face. A guru is a resource that contains information that has to be passed on and offer guidance and support where required.

A spiritual guru helps each student develop spiritual abilities and awareness, constant spiritual guidance to help with the various situations the student faces and the dynamics of spiritual evolution. All of this wisdom and knowledge is imparted to the student over yeas or decades depending on the necessity. However,not all relationships between gurus and disciples are cordial at all times.

Ego and greed in a guru is often a huge setback over time. The need to feel superior or take the position for granted can contaminate a beautiful relationship. No matter how experienced or wise you are, if your ego and greed surfaces; it will most likely cause a rift in the trust and sanctity of the bond.

The modern world is no stranger to this bond either. Neither is the eruption of ego issues in such relationships. The spiritual community is constantly witnessing a growth in the number of individuals who offer courses and services that by default qualifies them as gurus.

You would have come across psychics,mediums and healers within the spiritual community. They each help you through their abilities as and when required. So, is that all there is in spiritual growth? Do you simply ask for a reading when you face any issues or hope that a healing would suffice?

How will you deal with the many ongoing and deep rooted emotional conflicts in your life? Does spirituality offer any kind of assistance for people who need to look deeper into themselves to detect hidden or ignored issues and heal? Yes there are people who offer psychological therapies and counseling which have catered to many over the world. Yet some of us question the effectiveness of such services.

Spiritual guidance is not only for people with severe emotional issues. It is for every living person. You may not require it as often but it is advisable to be connected with a spiritual guide who offers a service that sustains your emotional and spiritual growth.

As we go about with the numerous commitments we all have each day, we often brush aside emotional issues that we put off for another day or simply wish would fade away over time. What we do not realize is, the more you ignore underlying issues - the higher the potential for it to affect you on many levels. We are far more focused on our material needs that our spiritual/emotional needs. Denying yourself the need to address the issues that bother you constantly or every now and then - creates an imbalance in your soul. You need to respect and love yourself to be more productive and healthier in life. You need to live instead of merely exist.

It is always harder to try and solve everything on your own since your emotions and ego will surely overwhelm you from thinking clearly. This is where a Spiritual Guide will be useful. You may, like me - prefer not to discuss your private issues with a family member or friends for fear of judgement. Under such circumstances, speaking to a spiritual guide you feel comfortable with will be useful.

A spiritual gyide can also be a psychic who has the ability,like me - to analyze your past lives,karma and soul contracts to identify the cause of the said issue you face. The information from this analysis itself will give you a broader perspective on the situation. Hence, the next process would involve the spiritual guide giving you options or a definite solution for your situation that may involve meditation,healing therapy,auto-suggestive/practical exercises which will have to be followed over a period.

Having been a spiritual guide for over two decades, I have had clients who visit me for spiritual guidance every two weeks or even once a month. Some rare exceptions include weekly visits as well.

A bond between a spiritual guide and a client is very sacred. It connects the client to the deepest aspect of his or her own soul to enable a complete and balanced life. The trust and confidentiality between the guide and client determines the strength of the relationship. The responsibility of a spiritual guide can be expansive as it will involve certain situations which can be emotionally critical for the clients resulting in sudden need to be available for him or her. I am not a stranger to such situations as I have had the need to oblige to urgent consultation requests as well.

So what is the connection between a Guru and a Spiritual Guide? Well, a Spiritual Guide can function as a Guru where a bond between the Guide and Client can last a lifetime. You do not need a guru because I believe we are all intuitively wired to the source for information and connecting to the other side of the veil. However, a spiritual guide will be more of an additional Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel who can help you through challenges and lessons life throws at you without judging you.

A Guru in ancient times and even today - guides one through life as well. The Spiritual Guide is in fact a better term to describe it. We are always growing in many ways but most often dismiss spiritual growth believing it to be of a lower priority.

The truth is - spiritual growth defines everything else. No matter who you are, if you gain everything but peace of mind and true happiness - you have gained nothing at all.

It is time to shed the light on spiritual growth because your soul matters and not just your body.