Monday, January 2, 2017


I understand there are many articles and videos out there on the internet that answer this question and yet most of them have been contradicting or confusing.

I have always been someone who would rather believe through my own experience or through thorough research. I have been fortunate to have personally experienced both of these phenomenal experiences - to the extent that I have been able to study the differences based on the metaphysical experiences I have been going through for years.

Yes, there are several similarities that can easily have one misinterpret a soul mate for a twin flame. I was not spared from this confusion either but over time, I was able to find the thin but very prominent difference.

Let me begin by telling you something very important. This world has a way of selling everything. And this is by no means my way of selling you the concept of a twin flame or soul mate relationship. I am not going to give you the romanticized version alone. Yes, romance is a vital aspect of the twin flame relationship as well as that of the soul mate relationship (it being far more intense in the former), there is so much more involved in them than most people would even like to experience.

Unlike a soul mate connection, the twin flame relationship has multiple levels. And these levels vary for different pairs. I do not agree that everything in this Universe can be classified although mankind has always felt they had this in control.

Having gone through several websites,books and articles on this topic, I must say that a great deal of them do not match my personal experiences based on both my memories of my past lives nor that of the present occurrences.

Let's first look at the basic aspect of both relationships. You must understand that you can have multiple soul mates. But you can only ever have one twin flame. In very rare cases two, where there comes a necessity for the souls to split into a triad to serve another purpose within them. I have personally seen triad twin flames and known them to have very similar vibrations as that of the other version (one pair) expect for minor tweaks in them. But as I said, such occurrences are very rare but not impossible to find.

In any lifetime, you could have come across more than 2 soul mates and not necessarily of the romantic kind. Soul mates are just that. They fall under the same spiritual DNA as you and the imprints are very similar. This makes up your soul family. In every lifetime, you and your soul family come together and work out soul contracts which will help one another to evolve as intended by their higher selves. These soul contracts between soul mates can come in the form of many different relationships such as parental/offspring, siblings,close friends and even people you will meet along the way who will become an important part of that lifetime regardless of how long it lasts. Thus, the karmic relationship between soul mates is all planned and played out to help each other with their journey.

Now, the twin flame is the other part of your soul. Every soul is split into two to accentuate and reflect each other in this great cosmos to serve the highest purpose as two units - the divine masculine and the divine feminine units. Just like in soul mate relationships, the twin flames too decide if and when they should connect during their incarnations.

For some twin flames, especially those who have very important roles to play together - will choose to reincarnate together for several lifetimes. The purpose may not necessarily only be for the sake of their own evolving conditions but also for other divine purposes that will serve the dimension as a whole.

Ascended masters and other highly regarded priests and priestesses from the higher dimensions have reincarnated with their twin flames for collective divine purposes and continue to do so. They are referred to as the Golden Ray Twins. This, in no way coincides with any particular name or title given or recognized in this plane. It is a sacred title offered to twin flames who have played roles of deities or related incarnations that have required tremendous effort and understanding. Golden Ray twins have limited reincarnations and prefer to be with their twin flame as they have reached a certain level of ascension in other dimensions before they arrive here to serve the purpose they have been ordained to.

However, there are certain situations where they would, much like other twin flames, share and confine to karmic relationships with soul mates alongside in a lifetime to serve a said purpose.

So, how does one identify a soul mate or a twin flame? You will never quite understand how intense the energy can be between you and your twin flame until you have met. This is the ultimate truth. Which is why most of us tend to misunderstand soul mate connections with that of the twin flame.

The twin flame energy is much more intense (and not just sexually) simply because you both hall under the same spirit DNA consciousness. This imprint that you both share cannot be found anywhere else in any dimension. It belongs only to the both of you.

Does this mean that you should only have a relationship with your twin and that no soul mate can ever love you as much as your twin flame? In some ways yes. But in most cases, the twin flame relationship will not seem any better than that of a soul mate relationship when the honeymoon or initial contact intensity settles down. The magical dust does settle even for twin flames.

Based on my experience, even at the final stage of merging in a twin flame relationship, where both the male and the female have completely awakened and attuned with the great cosmos in purpose and alignment with the God source - there will still be issues to deal with and heal from. However, with the wisdom and understanding of the many phases and the maturity comes a greater need to be united unconditionally without allowing those issues to affect them greatly.

The evolving process does not end, And so to think that there are only a few levels of evolution for twin flames - will be naive.

In the next article, I will describe the initial contact differences between soul mates and twin flames.

This will be a whole series of articles. So, please stay in touch.