Monday, January 2, 2017

Ask Ayesha - Alexandra Osorio

ANSWER: You are given a chart before you incarnate every time. It contains elements that involve karma, soul lessons and mission. As according to this chart,your higher self, spirit guides and soul family will come together in helping you form this blueprint of your life here. You will be given the direction and eventual outcome to have a better view of the bigger picture. Once you incarnate everything but the free will and chart are withheld. Your spirit guides will give you options in every turn throughout your life for you to choose from. Each option comes with a set of lessons that will align to your life mission and soul purpose in a different way. As you progress, you will be placed in situations that will work out your karma and also lead you through circumstances that will help you figure out if and how you will accomplish your purpose and mission here. So, even though you do have the free will to decide how you wish to pace out your life and the various choices that help you to get to your eventual destination - the boundaries are set by destiny and your chart which was planned by your soul. Karma either accumulates or releases itself depending on your journey here.