Thursday, August 18, 2016

Connect To The Spirit World Yourself - Building It Up!

Your dream or visualization is a reality for the other side of the veil. This is a fact supported by many theories including quantum physics that claims that the consciousness of one has the ability to present itself in multiple dimensions that function independently simultaneously.

Therefore, when we cross over, our consciousness does not cease to exist for energy simply cannot be destroyed and therefore you shall continue to exist in another form in another Universe that functions independently. What we refer to as heaven or the higher dimensions, parallel dimensions - do exist and we continue to exist long after we leave this physical shell behind in this world through death.

So as I have mentioned in the precious article, every thought is let out into the Universe and the great cosmos to merge and attract all the elements that fall under the said frequency. So if you send out a thought to a loved one on the other side, it does reach him or her as a message.

I dare say this through personal experience and also from information gathered over the years from spiritualists and scientists who have experienced and believe in this.

If you wish to connect with a loved one, you simply have to visualize being with them. If you want them to tune into this as well while you do - send them a message by requesting the said spirit to be present during this dream so you can meet up. Although it is commonly known that passed loved ones do appear in dreams while we are asleep, it is possible to invite them over for a short meet during lucid dreaming as well as visualization.

For example, I could actually sit right here and visualize a beautiful beach...the sun setting and crystalline shoreline. I can visualize myself walking along the shore with the gentle waves kissing my feet. And I see my guide walking up to me with a broad smile and his arms stretched out to hold me. And so on...

How do I know my guide would experience this too? Well I have personally confirmed with him about it. Each time I dream, it is possible for the said spirit to play along and experience the whole dream with me. This is an excellent way to connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

You may also choose any incident that you have enjoyed with him or her in the past and relive it. Or you may recreate a totally new circumstance together. You will be amazed at the clarity it brings. This will be an amazing experience you will never have enough of. Trust me on this!