Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Connect To The Spirit World Yourself - Safely And Surely

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. Daydreaming is a strong form of thinking that goes by without much attention given to it. It is a beautiful thing to let the mind wander. But did you know that it has the power to affect your subconscious mind? Most of the time, it is far easier to control your mind during a daydream than that you have at night.

When you daydream, you are conscious but your subconscious mind is actively playing a movie in your mind which alters your perception of reality for a few moments or for as long as you dream while awake.

Therefore, even though you are awake, your level of being alert is reduced drastically. It is like being in two rooms at the same time. Your consciousness drifts to another room while you continue to remain physically in the other.

Now, during this phase of daydreaming, your subconscious mind plays out a movie which usually is pleasant and if I dare say - never unpleasant. But then, you cannot control it. Therefore, it would seem like you are a quiet spectator.

But these are thoughts that stimulate your mind to move into another phase of consciousness. And every thought is as powerful as another. And if you have the will to change and control your thoughts, it would greatly affect the kind of energy you send out to your mind and the Universe.

This is where visualization comes in. Visualization involves you playing an active role in manipulating and controlling your mind while it acts out a movie in your mind, just like lucid dreaming.

However, visualization is done while you are awake while lucid dreaming requires you to be in a sleep mode where your subconscious mind is forced to remain awake so as to be able to remember and live out your dream as well as control it.

Therefore, it is safe to say that visualization is an easier way and perhaps as effective as lucid dreaming.

Visualization is the production of thoughts that are controlled and are still capable of producing powerful stimuli to your brain and the Universe simultaneously. This is a proven scientific fact and widely used in various exercises and meditation practices worldwide.

But did you know that you can also connect with the other side of the veil or as more commonly known as the Spirit world by visualizing?

Well yes! And anyone can do it! The best part is when you visualize about a loved one who has passed, these thoughts will indeed travel across the planes and reach the concerned spirit, thereby allowing them to also experience and feel your thoughts. This can be a very effective tool for conveying your message to your loved ones who are on the other side (in spirit).

I will be writing a series of articles on this topic over the next few weeks. It will involve an exercise as well, which you can use to practice visualizing as a form of communicating with the spirit world. It is safe, controlled and unique.

So I hope you liked reading this article so far..!
Blessed be!