Friday, October 21, 2016

Balancing Spirituality In Life!

When you awaken, the initial state of confusion and hesitation will not be too pleasant but the realization that
you finally seem to 'fit in' is a huge consolation.

The journey will seem fascinating but sprinkled with a lot of cleansing and confronting issues that need to be raised and healed.

This is when most of us fumble and after a point even give up spirituality. But spirituality is not a religion to be followed and neither does it take you away from reality.
In fact, it does the opposite. Spirituality is a state of mind. Always has been a part of you. You just forgot about it in this dimension.

And it takes you deeper into life. Everything about life is magnified and the true colors of everything and everyone you know is revealed. Thus, you acceptance and understanding of all that there really is will be your primary focus.
Spirituality isn't an escape route either. One cannot avoid life and the commitments that come with it by using spirituality as an excuse.

If you are meant to be a healer or a lightworker all day long, you will be led to it and provided with the right opportunities and resources to help you balance your spiritual calling.

It takes this understanding to know that we all have our own paths and to try and follow someone else's path because they appear to be in a better place spiritually - is not advisable.

They had to also be where you are at this point sometime in the past - to get where they are now. The distance traveled is the only difference.

Therefore, maintain a healthy balance between spirituality and life in this dimension to have the best of both worlds.
The guidance and support from spirit guides and guardian angels are very useful for the journey here. They will lead your through the best way and help you understand your higher purpose and needs.

Trust implicitly for that will open up your gifts and all the blessings that are awaiting for you to receive.