The Violet Flame Ritual is a very powerful energy activating and reinforcing process that will support, protect, heal and enhance your life in several ways.

The Violet Flame ritual is not a new age discovery. This ritual which consists of invoking the highest light has been used to bless temples and homes in ancient civilizations where elements such as myrrh and frankincense were used. This ritual also is used for protecting homes from lower vibrations as well as to increase the vibration of individuals during meditation.

The Violet Flame Ritual is also very effective in supporting you in developing your spiritual gifts by removing related blocks, offering divine intervention and guidance where required, etc. For instance, if you would like to improve your intuitive ability, this ritual will enhance the balance in you to restore it.

This ritual also restores peace ad tranquility in you and your surrounding. It can also be used to connect with Ascended Masters and Archangels to help you with your Spiritual path here. It also helps individuals of all age groups who suffer from autism related setbacks when they are highly stressed/imbalanced, etc.

 The Violet Flame Ritual is available in Four Candles versions. This basically depends on your situation and therefore it is advisable to discuss this with Ayesha Sheeba through email at before booking it.

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