YOU (You Own You) Self Empowerment Program

The YOU (You Own You) Self Empowerment Program is a one of its kind, all inclusive customized course that approaches every aspect of your life intensively. Choose from a wide range of topics to study, learn, heal and empower yourself with to lead a far more balanced, aligned and purposeful life.

Each session contains a Live Video Interactive class with Ayesha Sheeba, an audio book on the topic, activity and exercises. You can choose as many topics as you wish where each topic may require up to 2 sessions.

EGO - Is your ego constructive or destructive? How can you make your ego work for you and not against you?

ABUSE - Does the way you look at the experience change the way you feel?

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION - Non medicinal ways of dealing with anxiety and depression.

FORGIVENESS - What does it take to forgive and how to deal with the outcome?

PROCRASTINATION - Are you standing in your own way? Why do you struggle with time constraints?

DOUBTS AND FEARS - Will you be able to control the doubts and fears you have had all your life or will they always sabotage you?
PEACE AND GRACE - Discover a way to remove the expectations you have and to allow divine will and grace to lead you.

SOCIAL PRESSURES - Who and what influences you in life determines your growth.

SELF LOVE AND SELF RESPECT - What you value most about yourself is what you will become.

RELATIONSHIPS - Observation, expectations and defining bonds in your life for optimal outcome. Add more value to all who are in your life.

VISUALIZE/MANIFESTING/INTENTIONS - Set intentions and unravel your inner subconscious abilities to manifest the life you want through very practical and simple steps.

SPIRIT AND MIND ALIGNMENT - Align your mind, body and spirit for a more purposeful life with techniques that will keep you more attuned to the moment.

PAIN, REGRETS AND SHAME - How can you deal with all of this and move ahead with a better perception of life?

PROSPERITY AND SELF WORTH - Is it possible for you to attract abundance without guilt or greed? Of course you can!

SELF OBSERVATION - How can you separate your emotions from interfering with your mind?

GRIEF AND LOSS - Is it possible to find answers to grief and loss without draining yourself emotionally and physically?

Book any topic from the YOU Self Empowerment Program and take that first step towards You Owning You.