The Rakshana Protection Ritual is a very powerful process which eliminates specific or multiple toxic situations from your life that cause emotional, spiritual or physical harm. This ritual is excellent for all kinds of situations that require immediate divine intervention such as narcissistic relationships, depression/anxiety/panic attacks, psychic attacks, hexes, poltergeist activities, dark entities in home or other premises, etc.

This Protection Ritual also applies for pregnancy, childbirth and related issues. So if you are looking for Divine support and Intervention in the case of any related complications, you may use this Ritual to CHANGE the vibration of the situation for a safe and health pregnancy and baby.

Your ritual will involve customization that will offer tremendous support, protection and elimination of dark/toxic energy from your life.

The ritual comes in three packages as we offer a flexible arrangement based on your convenience.
- A one day Rakshana Protection Ritual priced at $99.
- Two rituals within a month priced at $199.
- A 7 Days Rakshana Protection Ritual that is done every day for a week priced at $299.

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