The Kamin Love and Relationship Ritual is customized to meet your requirement. You may choose to attract a specific partner or any suitable partner through this ritual. It enhances your charm, shifts your vibration to a more enticing/attractive one than before. It also removes any non karmic blocks that prevent you from attaining your romantic pursuit.

This ritual also brings great clarity and depth to an existing relationship to prevent/heal certain issues such as infidelity, sexual incompatibility, emotional imbalances and other distractions that add stress.

The Kamin Love Ritual increases sexual intensity in your relationship or add more strength to your sensual energy for potential partners. This ritual will keep your partner focused on you and avoid any infidelity issues.

The ritual comes in three packages as we offer a flexible arrangement based on your convenience.
- A one day Kamin Love Ritual priced at $99.
- Two rituals within a month priced at $199.
- A 7 Days Kamin Love Ritual that is done every day for a week priced at $299.

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