Meditation is no stranger to mankind. In fact, it is ancient and I dare say that every soul existing here and beyond has practiced it at least in one incarnation. Therefore, over multiple eras, we have evolved through developing numerous techniques influenced by cultures and even new age systems.

Yet, as a Spiritual Guide who has meditated for decades and coached many to do so, I have had the urge to share, improvise and bring meditation under a microscope to seek for the simplest and most reliable for of meditation techniques that is suitable for individuals of every age, culture and lifestyle.

One has to first understand why meditation is important and how adopting it truly will matter in any path. This is not because it is a new age trend even though I have to admit that this particular perspective of it does cause me to cringe at times.

My intention through everything I do spiritually, is to present spirituality in the simplest format possible. Why? Well, because every soul matters.

So, after years of analyzing, planning and practicing, I finally concluded a very innovative, concise and flexible way would be the exact solution to this. So, what makes this course different from others? I have explained it in the course module below:

1. Increased awareness of you as an incarnated soul. You gain a totally different perspective of your body and mind which allows you to open up to a new experience.

2. Meditation techniques that require non-rigid practices which will not depend on postures, distracting mind control methodologies or complex applications.

3. You begin to align much deeper with your soul's path without fears or doubts that can interfere and discourage you.

4. No high - end spiritual verbiage or knowledge required. Basically, this course can even be attended by children above the age of seven. It will also suit non - awakened individuals. 

5. Innovative, fun topics that helps elevate a sense of self- worthiness, trust and confidence.

6. Theoretical and Practical sessions filled with ample explorations that can be easily implemented in your daily life. 


The course is for two hours on each day, lasting for 3 days. You may schedule each class based on availability. You will have to confirm the class schedule and cancellations will have to be informed. 

You will be required to attend each class with some basic tools. These tools would have been provided by us, if this was conducted offline, for instance in workshops.

You will be provided with some audio materials during the course as well. We do not hold the copyrights to the materials so you need to ensure that you do not share the said materials with any third party without mentioning the same. 

This is a non certification course but the module copyrights belongs to www.revolutionoflight.com and thus cannot be replicated in any other online or offline course without prior consent.


The fee for per class is priced at $40 and must be paid in full at least 24 hours before the class or the schedule will be shifted. The fee payment is flexible for you can either choose to pay for each class or the entire course.

Please click the PAY NOW Button below to book either 1 class or for the entire course, which will be $240.