The Vaidhya Healing Ritual is a great support for any physical, emotional and spiritual situations that require healing. It provides immense relief to even karma induced situations that you may be struggling with.

Non karmic conditions are healed with this ritual which removes any past life trauma, post karmic residue, severe anxiety/depression, emotional imbalance from toxic relationships, psychic attacks, grief, etc.

The Vaidhya Healing Ritual also offers divine intervention for terminal patients as well as those who are in the process of transition for a smoother and peaceful process.

The ritual comes in three packages as we offer a flexible arrangement based on your convenience.
- A one day Vaidhya Healing Ritual priced at $99.
- Two rituals within a month priced at $199.
- A 7 Days Vaidhya Healing Ritual that is done every day for a week priced at $299.

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