OFFER - THIS RITUAL IS NOW AVAILABLE THIS SEASON TILL JANUARY 2020 FOR THE NEW YEAR. BLESS YOUR LOVED ONES AND YOURSELF THIS UPCOMING YEAR WITH THIS EXQUISITE 14 oil lamps blessings ritual where 7 different kind of oils are used in each lamp (an ancient invocation and blessings blend) lit while prayers and chants in Sanskrit are done.

The Swaha Divine Blessings Ritual is an exceptionally divine experience for you and your home/office, whether it is new or existing. This ritual is meticulously customized to meet your specific needs to ensure that your living/working space is immediately cleared of any lower vibrations that hinder peace, harmony and prosperity.

This Swaha Divine Blessings Ritual lifts the vibration of your home/office to welcome new blessings and attract it all with divine support and intervention. It also removes any dark energies that may have entered the space. Hence, this ritual is also used to undo any poltergeist activity, remove residual energy from the past (history of the premise),  restoring peace and harmony within the family, colleagues, etc.

This ritual can be done online or offline as we do visit the premise in person to conduct the ritual as well. If you prefer an online ritual, you will have to provide us with photos of the interior of your home/office before the ritual.

The ritual comes in three packages as we offer a flexible arrangement based on your convenience.
- A one day Swaha Divine Blessings Ritual priced at $44.
- Two rituals within a month priced at $199.
- A 7 Days Swaha Divine Blessings Ritual that is done every day for a week priced at $299.

For personal offline version of this ritual, please contact us at revolutionoflight@gmail.com for booking.

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