Monday, September 13, 2021


It is common for the spiritually awakened and the seasoned psychic or medium to rely on their divination tools to connect to the other dimensions for self or service.

These practices are legendary and sought after for generations. Well, we utilise what is available to support spiritual abilities but I have always taught my students to always rely on their spiritual senses more.

Divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, scrying crystals, mediumship boards, etc., are fantastic supportive mediums in this world but that is where it ends. When one becomes too dependent on a card deck to seek answers, the support becomes the Master. 

May I remind you at this point, that only in this world can one depend on these tools. Even though in a way they help, they can also become addictions.

In the coming years, as the veil becomes thinner and diminishes, we will be exposed the naked truth behind evolution. 

When we face our ancestors, Ascended Beings and our own light bodies, it no longer becomes just a service to mankind. Scampering to find your tarot cards or runes will prove to be futile because you will be left with little to none of that. You will be required to use nothing more than your own intuition and third eye to communicate, discern, acknowledge and serve.

Why? Well, the purpose of this article is not to dwell upon future predictions but to ensure that we are well prepared as spiritually awakened and aware souls who do not need any of these tools to connect.

Quite simply, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

So, begin practising your spiritual abilities without the support of tools and allow yourself to step out of your fears, doubts and ego to open up naturally, as your spirit always has, to the Universe.

Unravel the mystic that you are who needs nothing but yourself to be heard and speak.