Friday, December 11, 2020


If given a choice, which crown from the image, would you choose to wear? My guess, the golden one. The very few who probably choose the one with thorns, for whatever your reasons may be, I wish to say, has a meaning which I hope would resonate in a more spiritual perspective for you.

Even though, the Biblical version of this is known by all, there is a deeper spiritual truth which signifies the necessity for each one of us to adorn our heads with a crown of thorns each time we choose to incarnate in any dimension. 

With evolution comes the need to go through lifetimes of karmic cycles and soul contracts, regardless of how evolved you are as a soul. The denser realms, such as Earth, are educational environments where you are to explore the living experience that involves fluctuations, which we all here are familiar with.

Based on past lives karma, lessons our missions require we learn and soul contracts we may have signed up for with our soul families, we all arrive, knowing too well that we have to leave behind the golden crowns of the astral behind to modestly process a new journey.

However, it is also the existential amnesia along with countless other temptations that stir restlessness, fears, doubts and ego, which distracts us from understanding this deep truth. When the Ascended Master had the Crown Of Thorn affixed on his head, I perceive it as a reminder of this very truth. 

To bear the lessons and keeping our eyes on the mission we arrived for eventually is blessed with the glory of a Golden Crown. Every Ascended Master and Ascending beings has had to earn their Golden Crowns by adorning the thorny ones first. Why? Well, simply because we are all one, collectively.

The Crown of Thorn is passed down from generations to generations over ages until there is no need for it for every soul would have completed his or her missions to embrace Ascension. The Golden Crown in no way represents hierarchy but is a symbol of respect and honor for the souls who have walked longer than others. There is no hierarchy nor a competition, which naturally eliminates the question of if you and I too can become like them.

The destination is the same for each one of us. The paths, however, differ. The magnificence lies in the manner by which each soul transcends from one crown to the other over time. Ascended Masters who have earned their Golden Crown have temporarily had to swap it for the Crown of Thorns too, knowing very well that their experiences and wisdom will only mean they will be able to navigate through evolution with an ascended, enlightened perspective. There is no easy way out for a mission, like any other, requires the adornment of the spiky crown. 

As you Ascend, you simply learn how to adjust to the thorns and strengthen your mind and heart to bear the sting better. 

So, the next time you wish someone would just hand you an easier life, remember this message. It applies to everyone regardless of your faith, culture or background. The thorns may prick your flesh but the scars deepen and strengthen you soul. If you are too afraid of pain, you will not be strong enough to bear the weight of the Golden Crown. 

To be a King or Queen may look fabulous for others but it does matter to a Kingdom that the Crown rests on the deserving.