Saturday, May 25, 2019


In recent times, there has been a sudden increase in children and youths attempting suicide in various parts of the world. Blame it on pressure from parents, peers, some authoritative person or even some stranger online but the hyper-sensitive nature of many young minds seem to be getting out of control. It is appalling how fragile and insecure the present generation is when it comes to handling tough situations. There has to be some kind of awareness among parents, educational authorities and the government to focus on this issue. The basic mind-empowering starts from home. Parents have to imbibe a sense of self-confidence and security in their children instead of merely piling high expectations on them. 

Life is far too precious to be given up at the drop of a hat. If a child faces any stress or harassment at school or in any environment, he or she should be able to confront the issue or report the incident to his or her parents or guardian. The stability that comes from a secure mind lasts a lifetime. Only an emotionally supported child will bloom. The demands of the job markets and educational institutes should not create a rift between over-stressed parents and their children. Each child is a precious entity in this Universe and will not be abandoned by the laws of nature as long as one has self-confidence and mental security. Every thought that you embed in your child contributes to his or her future. So be aware of what goes in there. 

Hyper-sensitive children need to be taught how to remain calm and composed in any situation. Unconditional love of a parent or guardian is essential for such individuals as they become the ’soft landing’ each time he or she faces a difficult situation. However, this parent or guardian must use the trust in this relationship to develop the child’s self-confidence and mental security. How can you do that? There are a few important steps that go into transforming each child into a determined, confident and sensible adult. I am very sure that no parent would prefer to compensate the life of a child just to get the best job in the country or have the best grades in school. It simply is not worth it and the emotional trauma linked to the negative consequences that follow a highly-pressurized child who is hyper-sensitive is too excruciating to the family and child. 

So, it is time that parents and authorities take a serious decision to prevent young, precious lives from vanishing into oblivion. They should not wither before they bloom. There are now many options such as meditation and yoga that cam the mind and help find the emotional balance for children as well. Introduce your child to more nature-based activities and not stay glued to their devices all day. Sustain a sense of trust within the family that will encourage children to speak openly about themselves without judgement. 

Raising a child also means you are raising a soul. Each incarnation is precious and regardless of whether your faith believes in it, every moment in your life and your child’s does matter. Emotional, physical and spiritual balance is crucial for a healthy childhood and it is up to us to ensure we provide a world that supports this for the future generations.