Thursday, November 23, 2017


We live in a world where we lack patience and the ego fills most of us to the brim. If something takes time to work, we would look for faster options. There is a constant rat race to be the fastest and strongest and every business is trying to cash in on this need. Yes, it is wonderful if time can be managed better and the efficiency and speed is higher to help us all put more into each day. Everything from fast cars to lightning quick internet connections are available if you can just pay more for it.

It is perfectly fine to expect things to work at a faster pace but is it possible to speed life up in every way? Can children grow faster and flowers bloom sooner? Can the sun be made to rise earlier and the days become longer? Can we just find the right partners who require less effort in understanding and coping? Can we customize our lives to perfection to align with the need in this world for a faster life?

Rather than choosing to cook a meal from start, we would rather pick something from the cold storage to slip into the microwave. The freshness of the ingredients that used to drift within homes when cooked have been replaced by hurried dinners that people grab on their way out to the next meeting or TV program.

Is everything in life as it should be? If so, then why are relationships so fragile? Why do people constantly take others for granted and dismiss deep emotional issues? Divorce rates have become so absurdly high even in communities that did not believe in it decades ago. The patience  to adjust and understand each other in a marriage is almost non existent and replaced by pre-nuptial agreements that almost immediately give you and option to leave whenever you want. It almost makes one think that you are signing up for something as unpredictable as a job.

Not everything can be rushed. You cannot sweep your emotional issues under the carpet hoping they would go away for good as long as you stay busy. They will always resurface and if constantly ignored, transform into depression,anxiety and other physical ailments. Impatience always comes with an expensive price. It is not worth losing your health or emotional security to save time. There will be nothing left inside of you to celebrate if you end up alone at the top when you have fulfilled all your professional dreams.

It will be too late when your children are all grown up and they feel your presence is not as important as the presents you can afford. The value of a family that grows together will be lost before you know it.

Life is about balance. We all have 24 hours in a day. Yes, technology allows us to work faster and with speed comes higher efficiency. However, that also means that you should be able to have more time for family,fun and you. Instead of working through the weekend simply because you can, you should spend that time with your loved ones because you can always find time to work and make money but not the precious time you get to spend with your children and partner.

A healthier meal that needs you to cook everything before you set that table for your family will add more value to your meals and family's health than a microwaved, preservative laden quick one. Believe me, it is not worth the pain and stress that comes with frequent trips to the hospital when your body begins to react to the latter.

Everything cannot be rushed. There is so much beauty and peace in a simple life. Embrace every opportunity that allows you to take things slower. Stop and look at the sky as the sun rises or sets. Sip your favorite beverage while you watch the world go by. Watch the raindrops falling on your window pane. Listen to your child tell you about his latest discovery through his innocent eyes. That imaginary friend may just as well be a visitor from a magical place you could probably also experience if you simply took the time for it. It will be so much more worth the try than to browse the internet for the next gossip.

Spend time with your partner discussing about issues between you instead of believing that the one who shouts the loudest will win the argument. Marriages and relationships take time to work. It requires effort from everyone. People have become disposable simply because we don't seem to have the patience to make them work.

The ego mind has been winning more battles which means you and I are losing out in a deeper level. We are all here to evolve into higher beings of light. The world can go faster but not take everything with it.

Spirituality knows no speed because we are all immortal as souls. We have all of eternity to do everything. You cannot take shortcuts when it comes to overcoming Karma or soul contracts. Spells that claim to do that would never work unless there is no karma or soul contract involved. You cannot throw money at the Universe and expect it to clear the debris on your path for you because only this dimension values your wealth. You cannot undo or alter your Akashic Records no matter how hard you try if you are destined to go through something. Karma has to be served because it simply is something you have put out into the Universe at some point and you have to take it back for the Universe to remain balanced.

So, basically - this dimension will never be able to increase the speed of everything in life. It is time we all realized this and learn how to value enriching relationships,health, love and above all spirituality at a deeper level. We are here to experience life at its fullest and not swipe everything from the screen of destiny.