Thursday, June 29, 2017



This has to be one of the most sensitive topics in the world. Controversies relating to this have set families and nations against each other for centuries. They still continue to affect the minds of those who have been conditioned to believe what was once designed to control groups through injecting fear and a test of piety towards the Gods those in power chose to recreate.

Today, I choose to write about the Ascended Masters even though I know that not everyone will take it well. The choice I have is to deliver the message anyway and not convince everyone. Perhaps, it will touch some hearts into accepting the turth and not the rest. My responsibility has always been to convey the messages. Not to edit or impress. You are under no pressure to believe what I write. In fact, under no circumstance will I disrespect your view on this topic as it is a path you chose.

Who are the Ascended Masters? How are they chosen?

During creation, souls are designated by the highest council into various Rays Of Consciousness. I do not wish to go into the details about the various rays as I already have written an article which you can find under the articles section titled - Rays Of Consciousness'. I would like to skip over to the rays the Ascended Masters mostly belong to. A majority of them belong to the Platinum and Golden rays which are closest to the core of the One Consciousness or God Source. They possess the highest of vibration and purpose. The souls under these rays go through intensive and long periods of training to become Healers,Warriors or High Priests. They do not embark on any incarnation until they go through rigorous training and learning under the other masters and often through the God Source as well.

Once they are prepared for their missions, they are assigned their missions which begin often in the form that best suits the current needs and situations present in the dimension. Unlike what most people think, Ascended Masters have far more complex issues and missions to deal with than most souls who fall under the other rays owing to their ability to sustain their mental and physical stability under tremendous stress. The challenges and lessons they also adopt along the way reinforces their own strength and willpower. So they are not immune to the earthly issues but often choose far more difficult lifetimes that often place them under extreme emotional and physical challenges.

Yet, most often an Ascended Master would focus on the mission and gain strength from understanding and overcoming the challenges with great effort. An Ascended Master can incarnate in many forms over several lifetimes ranging from that of a poor peasant to that of a Divine Being depending on the mission. At the end of the day, its not the appearance but the vibrations that will affect people who meet this blessed soul.

To think that the Ascended Masters are the privileged few who have the golden ticket is a common misconception. They have far more difficult missions and the conditions they have to work under can be too toxic for most souls who do not possess the same vibration. So it is safe to say that yes - an ascended master does have to work his or her way up too.

The mission has always been to help mankind perceive love and peace as one. To understand that none are isolated from the One Consciousness. So, why have the messages from Buddha,Jesus, Krishna...etc always been transformed into belief systems? Why do you have to be a believer of a particular Ascended Master and come under the control of a secular system? Have the scriptures always preached the truth?

Well, I will leave you with just this information for now. I will be writing about the rest in the next article.