Monday, February 13, 2017



The red sacral chakra which is located in your pelvic region deals with pleasure, creativity, emotional expression and passion. Often the most misunderstood by this dimension for its prime purpose which is to set one free to express and experience the freedom of passion,creativity and sensuality - most of us tend to suffer silently while trying to find a balance between our needs and the way the society responds to them.

To experience your divinity through every emotion including sensuality and creativity - is your right. But the mental conditioning of this society is the biggest challenge which sets boundaries depending on what it feels is appropriate. Hence, many of us who have the urge to express and love ourselves in our forms as creative and sensual beings of light, end up facing guilt and shame for it.

Do we set boundaries to self-love and expression? Well there has to be a healthy balance in everything but to deny oneself of it blocks your sacral chakra. To respect your sensual needs and passion consumes you over time. When you are shamed for who you are and what you feel is your expression of self love towards your needs, you end up feeling guilty even if you attempt to break through this barrier. Hence, the guilt and shame prevents you from being true to yourself. Feelings - and emotional freedom is a necessity. To do what feels great deep within gives your soul the connection to the One Consciousness.

Nothing ever is placed within you without a purpose. If you feel strongly about something and believe you are here to experience it without the need to feed you or someone's ego - then you should oblige to it. But then to over indulge also is harmful.

Denial is also a block. And living in denial of your true being will add to other complications such as anxiety,depression and lack of a sense of completion. Be open to exploring ways of expression but one that is healthy and it should feel right. It should not be out of pressure from external influences. There has to be a truthful and clear understanding of where the urge comes from and how it applies to your emotional and physical well being.

Be creative. If you are passionate about something, make time for it. Creativity is implanted in you for a reason. When you put it aside for fear of how others may respond to it, you are denying yourself of your very purpose.

Although the initial phase of breaking through the environmental pressures and limits may seem stressful, the sense of relief that comes from eventually doing so is amazing. To step out of the herd and being yourself is one of the most liberating experiences in life.

Hence, guilt and shame are not of the soul but ego. Release yourself from it by embracing your needs. Your purpose in life, especially if it lies within the creative circle - will not be served unless you break through these boundaries and respect yourself and divinity.