Thursday, December 29, 2016



Valley Of Light

Life comes with many challenges and a myriad of experiences from birth to death. With every experience we strive to do our best. With every challenge,overcome. Yet, there are a few events in life that are unavoidable. Such a death.

In the event of death, very few are ever prepared. As much as we wish to have control over everything, even the most gifted,faithful and the strongest souls face a certain amount of uncertainty and hesitation is common.How can one ever be sure of what will occur at the point of passing or thereafter? Of course, those of us who understand the process of evolution and the afterlife have a better understanding of this but even then its always a huge blessing to have some support when it is time to say goodbye from this dimension.

Since childhood, I have been able to see the spirit world clearly. It is one of my spiritual gifts. Having served as a spiritual guide for decades, I have developed my work to a point where continuous exposure to the many dimensions and a deeper understanding of my gifts have enabled me to walk both sides of the veil in ease.

Hence, I felt that if only I could educate and help others to understand this better and support souls who are terminally ill and/or are steps away from crossing over - it would certainly offer immense peace and faith during the transition and thereafter for the soul and loved ones.

Should you know someone who is about to transition and would probably appreciate and need support from both sides to pass, you may reach out to me and I would be honored to help the person with the process.

For me, this is a very sacred service and I do not charge any fee for it. Should you wish to participate in this process and have direct access to the soul in concern - you may reach out to me for it too.

Do contact for more details or any personal inquiries.