Ayesha Sheeba has been a spiritual mentor for several years and she has conceptualized highly intense workshops, courses and seminars through both online and offline platforms for her thousands of followers and students. 

The following two courses are currently offered by her and they are conducted individually online and in groups offline. Due to the high demand, she can only accept new students periodically and vacant slots are immediately announced to her followers and those who have been waiting. 

Should you wish to enroll in any of the courses below, please contact through email at:  or Private Messaging on Facebook: to confirm availability
The courses appear structured but are often flexible depending on the student’s pace, convenience and comfort level. Often, there has to be a balance in emotional, physical and spiritual aspects for one to pursue a sturdy flow in acquiring new information and therefore, these courses have been designed with that factor in mind.

You will be assessed during the first and last sessions in the Soul Empowerment Course and it will conclude with a certification of completion which is printable. The Spectral Chakra Empowerment Course comes with a FREE kit which will contain basic tools to enhance and support the process. This kit will be dispatched after your 4th Session. Please refer to the specific course information in the link provided below for more details. 

Both courses mentioned below last for 8 sessions and the frequency can be made flexible if required. You may be required to record each session as well as take down notes for future reference. Students who enroll in the Spirit Empowerment Course will also receive a copy of Ayesha Sheeba’s book, Simply Spirit

Please click on the respective links provided below to access further information on the courses.

1. Soul Empowerment Course - Click here for more course information

2. Spectral Chakra Empowerment - Click here for more course information